Zak Mayhew-Yanez (@zakmayhew)

Zak Mayhew-Yanez (@zakmayhew)

ZakaryMayhew-Yanez, known commonly as Zak Mayhew is a Venezuelan-American Actor, born and raised in Houston, Texas. A multi-faceted youth of only 22, Zak has established his name in the industry with his talent, foresight, and positivity. Currently, a trainee at WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling, Zak is a well-renowned Actor, Supermodel, Influencer, Radio Host, and CEO of his very own MAYHEM38, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) that owns, creates, sells, and distributes merchandise in his rendering. Zak is also the host of “The Pulse” on Tiger Radio in Stockton, California. A popular figure on social media, with an astonishing Instagram following of 37, 931 followers. Zak actively posts on his social media accounts to connect with his fans and keep them well informed and on his life updates specifically any new invention in Life of Mayhem.

In 2021, where every Tom, Dick, and Harry seems to have access to social media and gain a following, where instant fame gets you on top of the game, it is extremely rare to find content creators who are truly committed to creating content that preaches positivity and helps people to become the best versions of themselves through genuine advice, help, and support. Through Life of Mayhem, Zak has created platforms where he talks about a multitude of topics, including representation of Black people, business, wrestling, and much more.

 An authentic and genuine human being, Zak is truly committed to his craft and his aim to “Spread positivity and create a platform where under-represented voices are heard”. Through Life of Mayhem, Zak vows the same, thus using his platform for an exceptional cause. “This channel is a safe space and encourages camaraderie amongst one another”, reads the bio of his channel. His relationship with his fans can be reflected in the name of his YouTube Channel. According to Zak, He got the inspiration for his channel’s name from his fans, who gave him the nickname “Mayhem” due to his last name, Mayhew. Zak calls it his “First real gift from fans”, reflecting his love and appreciation for all his supporters and fans.

The original theme song for his show is available for download on all major music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, owned by MAYHEM38 LLC. Alongside Life of Mayhem, Zak is most notably a Verified Amazon Affiliate and Premier Partner Influencer for MANSCAPED. He also has a successful modeling career and is a 2021 Barbizon Performer in the prestigious Fashion Show.

Turning his dreams into reality, Zak posted on his Instagram account, appreciating the opportunity of becoming a trainee at Reality of Wrestling, showing his commitment and dedication to become a Wrestler, among many other things! 

Apart from business and work, Zak is an avid fan of Comic Books, Collectibles, Toys, and Video Games. His Amazon storefront page displays all kinds of things he’s interested in, and he does not shy away from showing his love for comics and collectibles even on his Instagram page!

A goofy side of him, that he often shows on his Instagram, showcasing his favourite comics and collectables to his fans.  

At only 22, Zak is successfully juggling Life of Mayhem, his modeling career, Wrestling, and other businesses, proving that passion knows no bounds. A jack of all trades, and surprisingly master of all, Zak, through his life, has proved to be an inspiration for all those that support and follow him, to follow their dreams and make an impact in the world.

There is no doubt that Zak Mayhew is a multi-talented and extremely motivating and driven individual. At 22, he can do what others dream of in a lifetime. Through his commitment, passion, and dedication, he can follow his dreams and accomplish goals at such a young age. Because of his originality and authentic drive, he can inspire thousands to follow their hearts and spread positivity and kindness.