Zahid Rameez (@xahidcreator)

Zahid Rameez (@xahidcreator)

A powerful force that has kept the world running till the emergence of governing parties is politics and having just and empathetic people in power who will look out for the peoples’ best interests. The past decades few decades, the world has experienced some very trying times with exponentially higher political unrest and instability, because of which people became very untrusting of ruling parties and governments. This distrust became a catalyst for kind and like-minded people to want to come together to understand the people, their needs, and their hopes for their homes so that the authorities and groups in power can reflect those demands. In the case of those who were underrepresented, ignored, or missed in the demographic for a multitude of reasons, a number of hopefuls who wanted to help and step up to take responsibility by honoring those without a voice, the world saw individuals with more humanistic and philanthropic motives. A country in South Asia, Maldives, known as a gorgeous destination for vacationers and travel enthusiasts with blue waters surrounding you for as far as you can see, although enjoying a democratic system is often underrepresented in the international political landscape and its people sometimes see their voices being drowned out.

To battle this and give people their rights and the power to use their voices, the younger interested individuals from Maldives rose to the occasion to relate more with the people and bring their concerns to relevant parties. One of these individuals who was brimming with a passion to turn things around and make things better around him was Zahid Rameez. Early 2010s found Rameez as a passionate and fired up young man, driven by the Maldivian people to become the voice of the public, and that is exactly what he became.

Feeling a pull to the Progressive Party of Maldives, Rameez joined hands with them and soon, his work towards equal and better, positive representation began. In 2013, Rameez was appointed as a council member of the Progressive Party of Maldives by His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, a position he held for 3 years until 2016, but his drive rendered the party unable to let him go. As a result, Rameez was appointed yet again, set to serve 2 more years as a Council Member through the years 2016 to 2018. To fully understand the position Rameez held, the Progressive Party is the highest political council of Maldives, and he, as a fiery hopeful was able to serve 5 full years for the party as since then, he has been trailblazing showing no signs of stopping. Currently, the Progressive Party of Maldives has undertaken a major campaign in attempt to win the upcoming local council elections in Maldives, in which Rameez is a hopeful for council member yet again.

Seeing as no force has been able to stop Rameez from chasing his passions, his dedication to his beliefs and meeting the goals he has set for himself speaks volumes about his character and work ethic. Outside his life of politics, Rameez shows a completely different side of himself. Being acting on Instagram (@xahidcreator), he is a family man who treasures his wife and sons more than anything else. Completely smitten with them, he displays the perfect balance between giving time to both work and one’s personal life, as the amount of time and love he gives to his family is apparent in the frequency of photos he uploads of his adorable pair of sons Zaigham and Zmarak and his beautiful wife, Malaka. He also loves sharing his travels, whether private or for work, as he has multiple story highlights of the places he has visited!

A certified family man aside, Rameez considers himself an innovator, free thinker, and entrepreneur and we couldn’t agree more! Rameez’s Instagram is a clear pictorial of his values, beliefs, and his dedication to his country and people. Follow him on Twitter as well to follow him and support him in his endeavors.