Yug Patel (@yugp4tel)

The ideal way to predict what’s to come is to make it, and Yug Patel thoroughly knows to create his future. He is a young, hardworking, passionate and modern entrepreneur, having a lot of desire for his work. He had a very dashing, handsome, bright personality. Yug Patel (@yugp4tel) has 824 followers on Instagram, and he is also active on many other social media accounts. As an entrepreneur, he has a prominent role in photography and videography, in short, “cinematography”. Yug Patel is a founder and director of “Cropped Studios” (@croppedstudios) and the co-founder of “The Valuetainment Group” (@thevaluetainmentgroup) and of “ice and rosy” (@iceand rosy). Soon he will also be visualising on “Netflix”. Follow Yug Patel if you want to get in touch with this young entrepreneur. Contact him if you want to hire him as a model or photographer.

            Photography has an impactful relationship with life. Yug Patel, Photography is his life. He knows how to win the emotions of persons with photography. Not only is photography his passion, but videography also has a prominent part in his life. He is a Wedding Photographer and has brilliant skills of photography. He also has excellent skills in Cinematography. He also takes terrific magical photographs of couples and makes them a memorable moment. According to Yug Patel, “God creates the beauty; my camera and I are witnesses”. Yug Patel is a founder of “Cropped Studios”, where he showcases his work like couple shoots, wedding photos & videos. Guys, if you want to get in touch with Yug Patel’s (@yugp4tel) cinematography skills, then follow him on his Instagram and other social media accounts.

            Work hard in silence; let your car make the noise. This quotation is precisely made for Yug Patel, a significant influencer. He is in love with his Lamborghini and Tesla cars. He displayed the advertisement of his studio named “Cropped Studios” on his Tesla car by modifying the vehicle. He starts an Instagram page by his cars, “iceandrosy” (@iceand rosy). On this page, he shows his interest. Yug Patel names his Lamborghini having a model of “Lamborghini Urus” as “ICE” and Tesla having a model of “Tesla M3” as “ROSY”. His Lamborghini is of “Bianco Monocerus”, meaning “White” colour. On the other hand, his Tesla is of “Chrome rose gold + satin black” colour. On this Page, he showcases his cars. If you want to keep an eye on his modified beautiful cars, follow Patel.

            According to Yug Patel, the influencers are visionaries; they are pioneers with a dream. However, it’s everything up to the powerhouse that they feel that they have some crowd, so they have some power. Furthermore, they have some control. However, they should be cautious about how they use it. Yug Patel is the co-founder of “The Valuetainment Group” (@thevaluetainmentgroup). This platform is founded to allow female celebrities’ influencers to share their ideas, visions, and experiences with others. The platform is created to explore strategic opportunities from the influencers. The female celebrities’ influencers include; actresses, content creators, and some big entertainment stars. To get more inspiration, follow Yug Patel on Instagram.

            Netflix is a membership-based real-time feature that permits our individuals to stare at the TV shows and films without ads on a web-associated gadget. Netflix allows us to watch a wide assortment of narratives. He will also be visible on Netflix very soon with his new project. Stay tuned if you want to get updated with his latest projects and get in touch with this young entrepreneur; follow Yug Patel on his Instagram and other social media accounts and platforms.