Hip hop has historically focussed on invincibility and self-indulgence. But every generation heralds in a new wave of pop culture that resonates with their experiences and views.  The current generation of youngsters is rather inclined to look at the world through the lens of skepticism and mistrust. The emotional awareness and sensitivity of today’s youth have seemed to have rubbed on to mainstream culture as a new era of sentimental and thoughtful music is being ushered in. With every era, new artists who are in touch with the current climate are pushed into stardom. The current wave of “sad hip hop” or “emo hip hop” has taken the world by storm. It’s something the world of hip hop has never seen before. Youngcuzzoo is just one member of the onslaught of young artists who, by embracing a more morose and gloomy sound rather than the typical cookie-cutter sound that dominates the mainstream, have transformed from underground curiosities into stars in the past year. The dissonance between his lyrics and his beats is reminiscent of the grunge and emo era of music, Imagine the street credibility of hip-hop with the gritty production values of D.I.Y. punk music and you’ve successfully understood this unorthodox sound of Youngcuzzo.

Despite its abrasiveness, Youngcuzzoo’s music has experienced extraordinary commercial velocity.  The up-and-coming artist has managed to gain a great amount of traction on the internet. With over 19 thousand followers on his Instagram, Youngcuzzoo’s career seems to be taking a nosedive into superstardom. Youngcuzzoo’s raw sincerity instantly resonated with his fans, those whose hearts are heavy with the weight of their own grief. His young but mature discography is a soundtrack for mourning lost relationships and lost battles as much as for mourning one’s own self. He displayed softness in a world that both expects and requires people like him to be tough.

 The self-loathing in his lyrics with a slight glimpse of optimism shows a vital belief that things can get better, or, at least, that the suffering can’t all be for nothing. A sense of purpose peeks out from his music and although it might not be the most marketable and profitable music, Youngcuzzoo isn’t in the game to win awards or print dollars, cuzzoo uses his music as a tool for expressing his true self, it provides a means for him to just let go and be himself.  He refuses to diminish his music to only a means of making money. He makes music because of his passion for the art. Youncuzzo believes that music is a very powerful medium of expression, it can be used to change lives, which is where he derives his passion for music from. To Youngcuzzoo, No sum of money can equate to the feeling of fulfillment that comes from making a powerful and meaningful song. This passion for music sets Youngcuzzoo’s sound apart from the rest of the crowd. You can hear his passion and emotion for music translate into his songs.

Youngcuzzo has a unique ability to create an entire story with his songs. His talent of being able to push the boundaries of his creative ability to make so many different elements work together in a single coherent piece of music is undoubtedly impressive. His energetic melodies along with emotion-packed lyrics and outstandingly powerful delivery never fail to amaze his audience.

The music industry has never been as competitive and aggressive before as it is today. It becomes very easy to get lost in the shuffle due to the oversaturation of artists that are looking to make it big on the internet. But for people as talented and motivated as cuzzoo, it isn’t difficult to stand out from the rest of the crowd. He thrives in situations that would sweep any regular person off of their feet.

If you want to keep up with this amazing artist’s career give his Instagram @youngcuzzoo a follow.