Young Sorealist (@youngsorealist)

Young Sorealist (@youngsorealist)

Young Sorealist is an aspiring young musician from the US. He has been working on his own music label for the past few years and has become a successful musician with a high following. After he graduated, he worked at Walt Disney as an entertainer and it was there that he discovered his passion and great love for music. After working as an entertainer at Walt Disney for five years, he saw a golden moment to create his own music brand. Fast forward to 2022, he now has his own music brand and his own music manager, Giordany Louis.

The reason Young Sorealist ventured into music was because he felt there was a need for a star in his family, which shows that he comes from a humble and down-to-earth background. At first, his musician name was young Jay, which he later changed to Young Surrealist. He reminisces his journey as a musician and says that it took a lot of hard work to come where he is now. It took two years of momentum for him to finally reach fame, and since he has learned most, if not all the types of genres of music, other musicians respect him for his talent which shines through. Whenever he performs in big crowds, it keeps his enthusiasm growing and running, and since he spoke to hundreds of people at conferences and events, he eventually realized that he was a superstar.

Young Sorealist also has a Soundcloud and YouTube account, with hundreds and thousands of followers. On Soundcloud, he has 35 original tracks, which include remixes of original tracks. Some of the tracks are Money Callin, Gas Freestyle, Thug Life, Grammy, Understand You, Swerve, Addicted, Models, Tell me, and many more. His songs are available on YouTube and Deezer, which are both huge international music streaming websites. On google, all of his songs are listed, which include Summertime, Beast, Money Callin, Unstoppable, Purpose, Diamonds, My Valentine, Hold it down, On my Own, Need your love and his latest hit single, What it do.

Young Sorealist has three life rules which he abides by, which are mindset, exercise, and disconnection. He believes that mindset is critical because it helps frame all circumstances. Bad situations become bearable, and good situations become all the better with the right mindset. He believes that exercise not only keeps him healthy but releases endorphins which lift his mood to a great extent, hence it is a great priority in his life. Lastly, disconnection helps him rebound back to his work with newfound energy. Whenever he feels like he is swamped with work, he switches into vacation mode to kick back and relax so he can approach his work with better energy than before.

He credits his success to one of his closest friends and confidante, Kathee. Whenever he needs advice, Kathee is the person he goes to. He feels like her advice is the best and most consistent among all he has come across, and she is his go-to person for advice big and small, and not only has her advice helped him numerous times along the way, but it has had a huge impact on him as an artist as well. His kind words show his humble and wholesome personality.

Young Sorealist is also a positive person by nature, his favorite life lesson quote is “never give up”. His positive and can-do attitude has bought him very far in his career. Positivity can be a driving factor in one’s life, whereas negativity can bring life to a halt. His positive outlook on life and its many difficulties, which he has overcome with grace, is the reason behind his success in his music career. His favorite quote is a reflection of his view on life, which is very optimistic and persevering.

Young Sorealist has about seventeen thousand followers on Instagram and growing. If anyone wants to keep up with his musical career, they can follow him with his handle, @youngsorealist on Instagram, or search Young Sorealist on all social media platforms to follow him.