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If you are a sports lover, especially boxing and martial arts, then you are in the right place. Yoko Godzilla Hamamura is a person who likes to learn how to deal with failure and criticism. He knows how to develop self-evaluation abilities. Yoko Godzilla Hamamura is a well-known martial artist. He has over 11.4k Instagram followers; his Instagram id is @Yok Godzilla Hamamura. He is the Owner and Founder of POIMMA (point of impact MMA). Yoko “Godzilla” Hamamura has always been to the enticing realm of professional sports. He was born in the city of Tustin in the state of California. He began his career as a standout soccer player in high school and college. Later he looked for other opportunities to put his skills into action. He soon broadened and excelled in various martial arts techniques. He trained under some of the most notable forefathers and professors (Cleber Luciano, Muay Thai, and Ajarn Bryan Popejoy ) in the sport. He completed all the training during his fifteen years of experience. After competing in various Muay Thai and MMA fights, he became an expert in martial arts. Hamamura’s height is6’1″ (185cm), and his weight is 170.0 lbs. He earned the moniker “Godzilla” for his spectacular performance inside the ring. But after his 3rd knee surgery, he started to devote himself to training. He trained other athletes, including pro players and freshers. So, if readers enjoy sport and want to learn more, or choose to be a martial master, follow @Yok Godzilla Hamamura.

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He fought his first muay Thai bout in Las Vegas in 2007, while he weighed 215 pounds and faced a 245-pound opponent. He earns a living as a stuntman in birds of prey (and the great emancipation of one Harley Quinn). Readers will learn a lot about action films by following him.

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 As a sportsperson, he places a high value on his physical strength. He exercises all muscular areas, including the thighs. He also wields the lower body, shoulders, belly, breast, neck, even wrists. He used to do Workout daily. He uses resistance bands in exercise. Doing exercises that include push-ups and sit-ups is part of athletic preparation. His dedication to the job is evident in his everyday activities. He notices every aspect that contributes to his singularity. Almost all teenage fans get motivation through his physical strength. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know this renowned figure; so, let’s follow him!

He often talks well about the harsh lives of individuals, like farmworkers and laborers. Through this, it draws a tremendous amount of attention from his fans. Since it demonstrates that he seems to have a compassionate heart, he respects the labor party in modern countries. His lifestyle provides a model for young people. Go through his footsteps to correct your direction.

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      He’s a Martial Arts instructor having a kind and compassionate nature. He has a happy family with two adorable daughters. Malia is his elder daughter. His younger daughter Kaia came into this world last year. Most of his Social media followers like to see the father-daughter bond. He believes that family always comes first. In 2014, he wedded @Meredithhamamura, his closest friend and soulmate. On his sixth-wedding anniversary, He decided to publish a biography. He will talk about the eventful and lovely seasons of his life.

He is an Altruistic, Energized, friendly, Lovable, active, and determined person. He loves having pets as family members. People are supporting him because of his caring approach to everything. They appreciate his work as well as his physical fitness. He hopes to gain more and more followers and likes.

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