Josh Crosby, better known by his stage names YFRS  (Ya Favorite Rap Singer) and s RAP$INGER is slowly becoming one of the most influential artists in the rap game today. This artist has been making waves in the rap industry with one hit song after another. YFRS is reaching numbers on his music that are rarely ever seen for young artists. His songs Chanel and Dior and House party have been a critical and commercial success globally, with each music video having over million views. YFRS has been able to achieve monumental accolades in just a small window of time. Most artists spend years trying to get their first video with a million views and YFRS already has two with an overall view count of 4.5 million on his youtube. This speaks volumes about RAP$INGER”s talent and passion for music. He is truly destined for greatness.

His quick rise to stardom is no fluke, John Crosby is extremely well versed in the art of making music. John is an outstanding producer, he has been producing for major artists for years. Some of the most notable artists YFRS has produced records for are “Vedo” from Team Usher on the hit NBC TV show “The Voice”, featuring XXL freshman “Jarren Benton”, and “Scarlet War” featuring platinum recording artist “Project Pat” from Three 6 Mafia. His mastery in the art of production gives him an edge over his peers and a sense of authority over the production of his music.

Adding on to the list of his achievements, early on in his career YFRS recognized the importance of networking in the music industry. He started to build up his social skills and took every chance he got to empress an industry giant. Today he can be seen partying it up with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood. RAP$INGER can be found in pictures with artists such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, DJ Khalid, and Meghan Trainor. His intuition and conscious thinking have allowed YFRS to soar through some of the biggest obstacles young artists have to face. He used his knowledge about the music industry to turn the tables and make his journey to stardom easier.

His music is a unique blend of all the rhythm and melody of R&b and all the depth and flow of hip hop. He masterfully incorporates the best parts of these genres to make a coherent piece of music. RAP$INGER is known for going all out in his music videos. YFRS is putting out some of the most original and creative music videos today. His creativity paired along with his drive and passion are the driving forces behind RAP$INGER’s supersonic success. RAP$INGER has a unique ability to create an entire story with his songs. His talent of being able to push the boundaries of his creative ability to make so many different elements work together in a single coherent piece of music is undoubtedly impressive. His energetic melodies along with emotion-packed lyrics and outstandingly powerful delivery never fail to amaze his audience. The music industry has never been as competitive as it is today but for YFRS every challenge is just an opportunity to impress.

After gaining considerable success in the music industry YFRS delved into the land of entrepreneurship. He has been able to gain mainstream recognition from being featured on yahoo finance for his incredible tech startup “Track Killers”. Even though the service is still at inception it has become massively popular among both artists and listeners due to its approach to monetization of music. YFRS wanted to give both consumers and artists the best possible deal, which is why he adopted a  business model similar to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu by monetizing library access. He is also the founder of the digital record label NXZSound.

If you want to keep up with this artist’s incredible journey give his Instagram @yfrsofficial a follow.