Yara Doumet

Yara Doumet

Communication keeps a fundamental place that brings people together. It is an essential source for the existence as well as for the survival of humans and organizations. Communication is a process of creating and exchanging ideas, information, views, feelings, facts, etc. among people to accomplish common understanding. It is the key for any global business to acquire higher sales goals and get more customers and clients through effective communication. For achieving such goals, a communication specialist plays his or her significant role. A communication specialist attains the power to motivate his or her audience to do something. He or she can enliven as well as excite his or her employees, customers, peers, or co-workers. Today this article is about an exceptional communication specialist, who is not only popularly known for her communication expertise but for other services too. Yes, she is Yara Doumit from Los Angeles, California. She was born on 4th June 2000. She is a communication specialist at the Export-Import Bank of the United States of America. Her work is the presentation of her capabilities as she can inspire her company to achieve their business goals with her remarkable skills. She is profoundly intelligent and an incredible organizer since her college life as she represented her class in meeting with the administration, organized fund-raising campaigns and spoke at many official ceremonies. She completes her college at College Notre-Dame de Jamhour. Then she acquired her degree in Bachelors of Business Administration from an American university. As well, she studied Pre-Law studies at the same university. Soon after her graduation, she was offered a full-time position as an Area Manager at Amazon.

Being a business and law student, she possesses extensive experience in government affairs as well as she takes a keen interest in politics and law too. She has also been serving her service as a president and speaker at Committee for Lebanese Student Abroad. So far, she has assisted over 1,000 Lebanese students to study abroad.

Yara Doumet is a personality who thinks helping others is the way of getting inner peace and happiness. For this reason, she founded an organization with the assistance of 15 board students namely Openminds Generation. Through her non-profitable organization, Yara links job opportunities with job seekers as she weekly organizes job fairs where several companies come to offer job opportunities to the job seekers. Apart from that, she also organizes various events for raising funds to support AUBMC special kids’ clinic.

Yara Doumet has also served incredible volunteer service at many N.G.Os. Being a teacher at the INSAN N.G.O, she organized a cultural trip at the Treasure Sea Museum for Iraqi refugees. Then, she visited Syrian refugees in the Beqaa Valley and Lebanese border too where she provided food, toys, clothes in the refuge campaign. Along with that, she also visited Child Care organization in Chiang Rai, with Mirror Foundation where she worked as a teacher at a local school and taught mathematics as well as English along with organizing various learning activities there. Additionally, Doumet was awarded the certification of 7-hour Red Cross First Aid Training for remarkably monitoring special needs children at a summer camp organized by CARE NGO.

Besides professionalism, Yara Doumet loves to do skating, sky diving, and outing with her family and friends. She usually visits beautiful places to explore their beauty and culture. During her professional career, she has toured many attractive places in the world.

Thus, Yara Doumet is truly an inspirational personality who is dedicated and committed to her work. Being a selfless person, she has been helping many people. So far, her humanitarian work has remarkably brightened many people’s lives as well as careers. At such an age, having so many certifications manifest her level of diligence. She has set an example that you can do anything; you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have a firm belief in yourself. You can follow her on Instagram @yaradoumet to stay connected with her.