XIVI (@xivi.official)

XIVI (@xivi.official)

Ever since the chaotic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world, as we know it, has become completely different. From economic to social conditions, our everyday lives have been altered and we are now focusing on how to adapt ourselves best to the challenging times. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many businesses had no choice but to change up their business models and marketing strategies – some of them succeeded, but many of them failed to keep themselves relevant in the market. This pandemic has affected us all in some way or the other and has also hindered our fundamental lives from meeting up with friends, acquiring education, working, shopping, etc. But as always, when there are troubles ahead, we tend to persevere and rise again to the top no matter how difficult it seems at first.

One such brand that has made the impossible possible is XIVI. Founded in 2020, XIVI was birthed amidst the deadly pandemic in hopes of bringing some light into an otherwise dulled-out world. Their mission?  To make the environment a better place through their products, which are sustainable, recyclable and made out of a beautifully healthy blend of cotton and eucalyptus leaves to ensure the works of anti-bacterial properties which are just perfect to wear given the circumstances of COVID-19. What’s more is that their products are odour resistant, temperature regulating, and of course, the softest material that suits well with sensitive skin. What’s there not to love?

XIVI, named after the birth date of Taylor Rose who is the founder of the brand, is situated in Los Angeles, California. It focuses on men’s fashion and attempts to reinvent modern fashion through taking inspiration from sleek tailored fits of the past and adding a touch of modern luxury that primarily focuses on comfort and utmost casualness.

They not only envision a bright future for men’s fashion, but also make it a point to inject joy and positivity back into the world. Working with high quality sustainable fabrics, donating pre-loved clothing and recycling worn-in clothes, XIVI shows how we, too, can take part in making our environment better. More than anything, XIVI wants its consumers to picture the brand as trustworthy and reliable while also helping the environment through ethical means.

 Their products range from T-shirts, bottoms, outerwear, to even bandanas! XIVI has been enormously excited about opening their first official store on La Brea, which is just a few doors down from Stone Island, Stussy, Union and many more. Unlike other brands, XIVI focuses on producing styles that are more tailored-fitted and aesthetically pleasing for loungewear or even as business casual. This brand is just full of innovative and creative ideas – which is why, starting this summer, the brand is set to launch two larger sizes to compensate for the slim fit and ensure that the products are available for a wider variety of consumers. Not leaving anyone behind, the brand also states that due to their quality of producing slim-fit styled clothing, the products are perfectly suitable for the unisex market as well.

All in all, XIVI is still a fairly new brand in the market, but despite that, they’re smashing it! Although their products may seem mundane, but upon closer inspection, we come to understand just how complex the brand’s outlook is on modern fashion and casual-wear. Hailing from Los Angeles, which is already saturated with millions of new brands, XIVI sets itself apart through its uniqueness and aesthetics for the modern man.

Starting off small to opening its very first store at La Brea, XIVI is definitely going to establish itself as a trendsetter for other brands to follow. With their signature theme of rich black and soft white neutral tones, even their Instagram perfectly resonates with the brand’s identity and mission to become the best in the industry. After all, as the brand says it best, it’s about time we make comfort look cool again.