Wolfson (@wolfsonmusic)

Wolfson (@wolfsonmusic)

With the advent f the internet, like most things, the music industry too, has seen a vital shift happen within its functions. From ease in international outreach to new ways of production, the rise of a new genre of ‘music producers’, has perhaps, been the most interesting field to emerge and gain newfound notoriety. What is a music producer? Despite its popularity and sudden increase in the number of people entering this field of work, the general population seems to still stay blissfully unaware regarding the process behind how their favorite music is generated. So, what exactly entails this job description? Well, a music producer is supposed to be the most well-rounded person in a room when it comes to understanding and making music.

A music producer brings in all the components needed to make a good song great – from overlooking the production of beats to making sure that the flow of the music perfectly harmonizes with the song. Donny Baker from ES Audio Services – recognizing how the term has been subject to change with the advent of digital music creation stations such as Logic, Fruity Loops, Reason, Ablteon Live, Pro Tools, etc. – defines the term as “The music producer is the guy that is in charge of making your song sound the way he thinks your song should sound to be competitive in the market that your song will be in. A guy who makes beats on his laptop with FL studio is a beatmaker.”

Wolfson – a Norwegian music producer and son of a former record producer who grew up in music and literally on records. Living his life surrounded by the rich melodic classics and listening to lyrical geniuses, this musical prodigy says that when deciding what he wanted to do when as a career, simply replied; ‘It was kind of already decided the moment I fell in love with it.’

Infatuated with genres all over the musical spectrum, Wolfson took to the art and at the age of 13, became a turntablist, fusing hip-hop and breakbeats with a passion unrivaled. So much so did this fascination of his have over his daily life, that even as a young child, Wolfson would take his DJ gears wherever he went. Honing his skills to the best of his abilities, it comes as no surprise that Wolfson was in every single party, he could sneak his way into a child, mixing and scratching away, way past his bedtime.

By the time he entered college, his name would have enough street cred to land him gigs alongside live bands and electronic music groups and it was during this period that this creative discovered his newfound interest in music production. Following this era, Wolfson found himself increasing his use of live instruments and vocals in his productions at his gigs, increasing his popularity further still into the starlight and landing him from residencies and his own nights in the clubs, party series to compilations, the weekly radio show, and his very own podcast, the “WOLFSON’s WAY”, going on to finally create his own record label – “WOLD Records”.

From then on, Wolfson has found himself signing the works of artists from all around the world, releasing his own music as well on the side. Later still, he got signed to labels like ZEHN, Eleatics, Somatic and Dear Deer with the rise in global support in his favor, where he continues to now perform all around – from Europe to America.

And his success really can’t be downplayed, with almost thirteen thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and a verified account over on SoundCloud, Wolfson is a bonafide producer on his own merit. This bright talent also finds himself quite successful on other platforms such as Instagram, where he has a following of almost ten thousand faithful fans strong. A man dedicated to perfecting his craft since boyhood, it comes to us as no surprise that Wolfson has garnered such a prominent name within the industry.