Willy Calderon

Willy Calderon

Passion for music is mostly innate as it cannot be adopted with time. The zeal for music and the drive to produce it only comes from a place of true passion, and Willy Calderon is one of those people for whom music is more than just art.

Willy Calderon was born in Cartagena, a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Apart from picking up the influence for deeply embedded love for the music in the streets of Cartagena, Willy also comes from a family of musicians. He moved to America at a young age and settled down in Los Angeles, where he was raised by his mother Jeanine Rosales.

Jeanine’s influence had a lot to do with Willy becoming a successful musician at such a young age. She pushed him to develop a greater interest in the intricacies of music and made him study the art of music since infancy. By the mere of 13, Willy had learned to play like a professional. He had been more interested in playing the percussion instrument and then he eventually specialized in it. Apart from that, Willy has the talent to play more than one instrument, including Piano and Bass that he can play professionally.

By profession, Willy is a man who has left no stone unturned. He is a touring and recording musician, which allows him to have ample space to play with his style and employ an experimental approach towards creating new samples of music. He is also an engineer and a producer, which furthers pans out his career as a successful musician with a unique taste as he’s not dependent on sound engineers or producers to do what he was born to do.

Willy’s altruism can be demonstrated by the fact that he doesn’t only think about himself, but usually works towards the greater good. He has his own label at such an early age and he’s the founder and CEO of it. The company is called “The Master Plan” which is the label aiming to provide platforms to budding artists. Working for the company has led Willy to make to meet and secure deals with the aspiring young artists for The Master Plan, such as Microphone Boss (aka Mic B), Cali Martin, and Young Sheezy. These sign-ups have been extremely significant for the company to grow and come into the eyes of the audience on social media.

 Apart from that, Willy has spread out his career like a smart businessman, making all the right plans and executing them at the right timings. He also took in-charge and became the Production Manager at one of the prestigious recording studios in Reseda, California. The IO7 recording studio is the place of inspiration for many upcoming artists in the music industry.

Willy harbours a dedicated passion for music and to pursue his dreams and goals, he has performed and travelled around the globe with the universally famous Latin and Pop-artists such as Grupo Niche, Sublime (w/Rome), Guayacán Orquesta, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sheila E., Luis Conte, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Fruko y Sus Tesos, Chick Corea, Silvestre Dangond and most recently, Bruno Mars.

Talking about Willy’s most impressive achievements, it is important to mention that he was an active participant in the production team of the final instalment of the Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises” composed by none other than a German film score composer Hans Zimmer. Apart from that in 2013, Willy also got the chance to compose the music for two video game trailers for Nintendo Inc. And, it was eventually in 2014 that Willy’s life turned around as he became a member of the GOP family.

True to his passion and dedication to his career, there is no doubt that the only way for Willy to go is upwards from here. He is leaving no stone unturned to make his dreams come true and also to work towards making other people’s dreams come true. If anyone wants to check him out, his social media link is: “willycalderonofficial”.