Willie Ruffin (@cashmobyp)

Willie Ruffin (@cashmobyp)

Being a musician is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have a passion and dedication towards achieving your goal and be the best in the industry. Willie Ruffin, known by stage name CashMob YP, was born with the great talent of understanding and creating music, and with age, his passion for music deepened that made him into a successful musician today.

YP is an aspiring Meridian musician. He has always seen music as more than just art— it is a lifestyle for him. His music style leans more towards hip-hop, particularly rap music, which is one of the most common genres in the contemporary music era. Rap music comes under Hip-hop music. This genre of music has progressed immensely in the times of digitalization with the arrival of digital sampling and a plethora of incoming artists surfacing in the industry. But what makes Cashmob YP stand out is his dedication towards his goal and his unique touch that has contributed towards him having a loyal fan-group.

CashMob YP’s music has a distinctive quality and a twist that comes with storytelling about the place and the streets he grew up in. The personal sprinkle in his work has gravitated people to listen to his music and ask for more. YP’s music has a special quality that it is quite extensive and goes beyond the cliche topics of women, drugs, and money. He sings from his heart that evokes a nostalgic feeling in his fans’ hearts.

The music industry is ever-evolving. It is not always easy to climb the ladder and make a unique reputation that will make you stand out from the crowd. This is the reason why most singers, especially rappers, assign themselves a stage name that they feel represents them the best. WIllie also picked out a stage name for himself that he felt goes well with his music style and from where he comes and decided to go by the stage name, “YP.” His stage name has the aura of Hip-hop music, accompanied with a rhythmic tone to it that is often found in his music.

In September 2020, YP released a new song on his Youtube channel, We The Mob prod by NFL BigBoyy. It was received well by the fans. He also has released singles such as “OUT” and “Go Get It.”  CashMob YP has around fifteen thousand subscribers on his Youtube channel, which means his music is already being recognized by music enthusiasts. Not only does the aspiring artist work on his original music, but he also focuses on making remix versions of other songs and publishing them on his channel for his audience to hear.

Willie, or as you may call him YP, releases his music on most of the big music platforms that exist such as Youtube and Soundcloud. With these platforms making listening to music accessible for millions of users, it is becoming increasingly easy for artists to share their work with a wider audience. YP has been able to gather a dedicated fan base that is loyal to him and his music.

YP is a part of Mob Music Group, which is a band of musicians managed by its CEO NastyDealer. MMG is made up of three aspiring musicians—  @cashmobyp @forgidabandit and @quaamoney__. Each of them has been releasing their new music and are getting noticed for their unique addition in the contemporary music era.

YP is dedicated to his music career and is constantly working on new music. The feedback he has been receiving for his work has encouraged him to work harder and give his listeners what’s best in the game. The young artist’s music is relatable and evokes feelings, and that is why he is getting popular on mainstream social media. YP wants to keep making music that will inspire his young fans because he knows that having good idols can change your world. He wants to reach the top, and there is nothing that can stop him to achieve his dreams. If anyone wants to look him up, his Instagram and Twitter handles are cashmobyp.