William Giroux

William Giroux

Visual art, both as a profession and field, is not given much thought to despite how the entire world consumes it. It surrounds our everyday life, we see it on the TV, the internet, in newspapers and everywhere else. Visual artists work extremely hard behind-the-scenes to make it possible for their work to reach an audience. It is through filmmaking, photography, music and arts, that it becomes possible for us to experience a story or message in a manner that cannot be achieved through any other method.

To some people, communicating through art just comes as naturally as speaking. A person like this is Will Giroux, a filmmaker, creative director, YouTuber and photographer from Canada. When he was growing up in Quebec, Will learnt that art came naturally to him. He had always been interested in photography, videography, music and arts for as long as he can remember. He started working on his interests very early on too. Throughout high school, he was working hard on making small-scale short films, videos and honing his graphic design skills. It is of no surprise that success came to him very early in his career too.

It’s been ten years since Will finished his schooling and now, he professionally works as a YouTuber, videographer, photographer and Creative Director. Will’s work is focused on creative storytelling where he expertly crafts stories from nowhere and conveys them to his viewers in a very catching, engaging and innovative way. All content that he produces is for a digital audience keeping in mind today’s atmosphere. This also makes sure that it can reach the maximum amount of audience possible due to accessibility.

Will is also extremely passionate about his work and whatever project he is working on. He would do anything to get the right shot. It is not uncommon for Will to put himself in dangerous situations to do his work how he wants to. He has been seen hanging out from a helicopter flying over a volcano in Guadeloupe, France. He also has been seen forty feet underwater in the deep oceans surrounding Samaná in the Dominican Republic, getting up close to wild animals of Thailand and flying a drone in skies so misty that it’s not possible to see anything in Ubud’s water terraces.

It is through his dedication and hard work that he can produce his work to such a high level of quality that it is. His passion coupled with his wild imagination and strong determination has enabled him to create powerful pieces of work that he also has a huge following of photographers, filmmakers, travellers and artists from all around the globe.

Outside of his fanbase, he also has been recognized by some of the biggest companies in the world. Until now, Will has worked on successful and powerful campaigns showing off his work with clients including Art Villas, Lexus, LSKD, Aimant, Villa Melody, Villa Akoya, BlackBox and more. His work has also had the honour to be recognized and featured by the Thailand Tourism Board and Lexus.

Aside from his work, Will also makes sure to help future photographers and videographers who like his work. On his website, he has a very helpful blog where he documents and advises based on his own experiences of working in the industry. He has a blog post going into detail about which specific cameras, lenses and products he uses for his work for other people to learn from. For the dynamic and beautiful shots included on his Instagram profile, Will writes that he uses the Panasonic S1, Mavic Air 2 drone, Ronin SC GIMBAL and CMT Housing. It is incredible how he can do what he does with such simple equipment.

One can follow Will on his Instagram on @willgirroux and keep updating on his latest work through his website www.willgiroux.com.