Weiliang Ni

Weiliang Ni

Racecar driving is very different from driving a normal car. The car is driven at very high speeds and needs excellent control. Behind the wheels, racecar drivers are exposed to immense stress which can be very difficult to manage at times. It is thus very important for race car drivers to have the stamina and the skill required for the manipulation of the high-speed vehicles that they are meant to drive.

One such racer is the Singaporean race car driver Weiliang Ni. The 25-year-old speed racing enthusiast holds a strong passion for racecars and enjoys the thrill that comes with speed racing. Weiliang Ni began his career in racing in the year 2013 and took part in 4 races in that same year. Up until now, the young racer has a total of 63 races up his sleeve. In the year 2013, during the start of his career, he achieved 6th position in the 2013 Formula Renault Asian Series, for the Asian Category. In the subsequent years, he took part in other racing competitions and performed extremely well.

Weiliang Ni has had a passion for racing from a very young age. He was determined to achieve his goals and was prepared to go the extra mile to achieve them. He values his dreams immensely and does not put any limit on them. Weiliang Ni believes that dreams must not be restricted in any way. It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you’re from. One can achieve everything with hard work, persistence, and dedication. When everything seems to be failing and you’re met with unexpected obstacles, one must always persevere. The following quote by Henry Ford is very dear to Weiliangni “when everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. The young racer is truly inspired by this quote and uses it as motivation, helping him push forward in life. It is the motto Weiliangni lives by and forms the core of his success.

Weiliangni approaches failure with immense positivity. Despite failing to achieve the desired results in the races, he approaches the bumps in the road very constructively without letting the failure pin him down. He aims to work and hustle harder to prevent the occurrence of the same mistakes over again. When Weiliangni broke his finger during a race, he did not let it bring him down. Instead, he owned the injury and was determined to keep moving forward despite it. He chose to wear a bandage on and considered it to be a battle scar. This shows his determination and dedication for racecar driving!

One of the highlights of Weiliang Ni’s career was when he had the opportunity of meeting the legend of racecar driving David Coulthard. He idolizes the world-famous racer and considers him as a true inspiration.

Weiliangni spends most of his time with his cars and driving extremely fast vehicles. Even during the weekends and days off, you’d find the eager racer ready for practice or simply working on his cars. At times when he is not surrounded by cars, Weiliangni spends time in the gym. He considers the gym as his own office, where he enjoys working out and staying fit. Exercising and building stamina prepares him for his races, and helps him perform better.

Weiliangni is a die-hard car lover, to an extent that he’d often take naps in his car in this middle of a racecourse! His dedication to racing is exemplary, and he serves as a motivation to young racers all around the globe, who wish to pursue a career in racing. To find out more about Weiliang Ni’s life and endeavours, he can be followed on Instagram as @weiliangni. The young racer has over 24 thousand followers on his social media platform and is adored by many. His fans and the appreciation he collects from them are a source of strength for Weiliang Ni.