Vera Spirits (@veraspirits)

Vera Spirits (@veraspirits)

With a population of over twenty hundred thousand, Ljubljana is effectively Europe’s smallest capital. But don’t let its deceptively modest community lead you to conclude of its boredom. No – situated at the middle of a trade route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, Slovenia’s capital is the lively home to the country’s cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative activities. Perhaps best known for its university population and green spaces, Ljubljana is a place with the everyday ongoings typical of any bustling city.

A place rife with potential for young entrepreneurs looking to upstart their dreams and opening their very own businesses, it comes as no surprise that despite its small stature, Ljubljana is the biggest city located within Slovenia. One such business that started out as a simple intrigue in regards to the very nature of human interaction has since turned into a successful business brimming with promise and choke-full of potential waiting to be unleashed beyond this little city. Vera Spirits, as it says on the tin can, is a spirit company that takes the alcohol out of the equation so that one can indulge themselves in the best parts of drinking without experiencing the aftereffects that follow.

Their story starts out a little far back in the past, near an old harbor town in the North Adriatic coast, where part owner, Luka Nagode’s grandmother, Vera, was introduced to the art of refinery and distilling at an early age through her father – a distillery owner himself. Here she learned of the signature five components which today, define the bases of each of Vera Spirits’ flavor profiles – core, fresh, heat, spice, and floral. Also fascinated by psychology and human relations, Vera, at some point, realized how human behavior was very similar to how flavors are structured. And so started her exploration into the interrelations between peoples’ personalities and their taste – where she spent her time trying to find out if there was a perfect flavor for each type of person.

Years later, inspired by Vera’s lifelong travels along the coasts of the Mediterranean on her quest to discover the perfect taste for each personality type, Luka Nagode, Urska Dvoracek, and Jernej Peterlin – chefs and restaurateurs from Ljubljana – banded together to continue her mission and explore flavours, ingredients, and distilling methods in attempts of recreating her unique blend of flavours as per human expressions. From botany to chemistry, the process of making a Vera spirit begins with extensive research and experimentation and ends with refined combinations of local, high-quality organic ingredients.

With a business model so unique and refreshingly people-centric, it really does come as no surprise that Vera Spirits has so quickly expanded its business all over the world. From the opulent forests of Australia to the cosmopolitan hub of Spain, it seems like everyone is vying to get their hands on some of those exclusive flavors so unique to this company, and with raving reviews too – one of their newest buyers, ‘Killjoy Drinks’ is a Brisbane-based business located on the beaches coats of Australia and has this to say about Vera Spirits and their drink; “Vera is a beautifully crafted non-alcoholic spirit and you can taste the quality in every sip. It will transport you to a European summertime – with no regrets.” Well, with such high endorsements, we can only stand and stare in awe of their accomplishments till now.

If you’re an individual rather than another business who just simply can’t wait to try these drinks for yourself but don’t know where to start, well you don’t need to worry anymore. Just simply hop on over to their Instagram where they regularly not only post updates regarding the journey of their business but also frequently post new recipes and unique new ways here they outline exactly how you can best use your own spirits to maximize their profile. Now, we don’t know what you’re waiting on, but we’re off to buy some for ourselves!