UTDHQS (@utdhqs)

UTDHQS (@utdhqs)

Football is a sport that is the perfect balance of physical and mental fitness. It is a universal sport and is widely and fanatically loved. Football fanatics have been an essential part of the sport for ages. They gave a giant role in supporting their teams. This support goes beyond cheering in a crowd. Over the years, fan clubs have done huge projects for the team they support  Starting from cheering for them loudly at matches, creating choreographies and songs to encourage their teams, and buying their merchandise, to organizing rallies and events to support the teams and their well-being. Their love and support for football go beyond just watching and enjoying matches, rather it becomes an essential part of their lives to dedicate time supporting these clubs. They are as important to football culture as the teams themselves.

Football fanatics have official and unofficial fan clubs and support pages. One such page is @utdhqs on Instagram. Active for a long time now and having collected around 51 thousand followers, UTDHQS is a Manchester United fan club. Football fans also call themselves “ultras”. This means that they go beyond the normal fan limit and are extremely dedicated. UTDHQS is a fan club consisting of avid fans and ultras of Manchester united. Just like football fans are renowned for, UTDHQS and their followers also show vocal support in large groups and display banners at stadiums, which are used to create an atmosphere to intimidate the opponent team and their supporters. Their loud cheers and passionate support serve as great strength to the team while they are playing.

UTDHQS is dedicated to providing original photos, the latest news, updates, transfers, and information about Manchester United and their players. They are the first to report on new happenings regarding the team. They also do their best to hype up the team players to keep the audience engaged. Their followers are equally as dedicated as them to support Manchester United.

They make beautiful and crisp edits of the photos of the team players which can be used as wallpapers or lock screens. Their team is highly creative in this regard. They keep making new edits and content to keep the supporters of Manchester United entertained and active. Their motto is “for the fans by the fans”. They take time out of their own lives to support these clubs. The joy of being a pillar to your favorite team is like no other. They have an organized account where one can easily find the posts that they are looking for. Other than edits, they post videos and shots of iconic moments within the game, news, and rumors about new transfers, old iconic moments from matches, famous quotations, and one-liners from legendary team players.

Manchester United was founded in 1878, which means it has been active for over a century. No doubt, during this time they have become not only a seasoned and cultured club, but it has also birthed and made a lot of legendary players that have gone to be recognized worldwide.  Some of these are Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, and Wayne Rooney. Other than these, the world-famous Christiano Ronaldo was also a Manchester United legend and scored 119 goals and won 9 trophies. Even Ronaldo himself always expresses the deep emotional connection he has had with Manchester United.

Manchester United fans truly dedicate their time to support a real legendary team. Recently, there has been controversy regarding the ownership of the club. Despite their lack of league titles in recent years, Manchester United is seen as one of the biggest clubs in the world and is capable of attracting big-name and big-money sponsorship deals. They have a rich and proud history. Their current owners are the Glazers Family. Manchester United fans gathered outside Old Trafford with a strong message to protest against the Glazers’ ownership of the club after the catastrophe caused by their plans to include the club in the heavily criticized European Super League proposal. The fan club protested and put a lot of pressure on the family to sell the club.  This shows that their love for the club runs deep.