Ufuk Ekici (@uffeii)

Ufuk Ekici (@uffeii)

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden originally, rising Swedish artist Ufuk Ekici, also known by his stage name UFFEII is an emerging young artist with slightly different ambitions than those of regular music artists.  Although Uffeii is now a resident of Malta, he is a huge advocate of Swedish reggaeton and wishes to take this genre further by creating his music in the genre.

Before talking about UFFEII and his dream to make Swedish reggaeton the next big thing, let’s take a look at what this genre is and why is it so important for UFFEII to promote and advocate for this genre.

Reggaeton is a widely popular music form in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and is known to originate from Puerto Rico. This genre originated during the mid-90s and was mainly associated with Spanish music. Reggaeton was inspired by dancehall and hip-hop and has since then evolved with the help of other music genres. These genres include American hip hop and Caribbean music.  This music is usually regarded as Spanish music that includes rap and popular music.  This genre is widely popular in regions including Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia, and Venezuela.

Since reggaeton was a Spanish spin on singing and rapping, it was highly popular in areas with Spanish populations. However, the popularity of reggaeton wasn’t long-lived and the genre came under extreme backlash from the higher authorities in societies. The reason for this was the slang language used in the genre and the explicit mention of sexuality. More importantly, the genre came from people belonging to poor communities who were looked down on. This association made reggaeton even viler in the eyes of society.

At the same time that reggaeton was being condemned by one part of society, it got highly accepted as part of the Puerto Rican culture and even their government began including reggaeton in their political campaigns.

Since then, reggaeton has been deprived of the true potential it could garner had it been allowed to prosper like all other music genres. In the time since the early 2000s till now, only a handful of reggaeton artists have made a large impact on the international music scene. Some of these are J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Luis Fonsi, whose hit single Despacito took over the world within a few months and was the most-watched music video in 2018.

This is where UFFEII’s inspiration to promote and bring proper recognition to the reggaeton genre came from. Why, out of hundreds of reggaeton artists making music, was only one good enough to have a great impact on the world?

It’s not because the music wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t given the chance to take the world by a storm. UFFEII believes that this genre can only get the recognition it deserves once artists start collaborating and start promoting each other’s music. This will not only result in newer reggaeton music for the industry but will also allow new artists to emerge and have a platform where they can showcase their skills.

UFFEII began his career as a DJ and then moved onto creating music. His first release Diva is a reggaeton track which is also his first single. This 2-minute track is available on Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming services. UFFEII wishes to create more collaborative opportunities for Spanish reggaeton artists in his community in Sweden to create a strong platform for the genre as well as bring more limelight to the hidden talent of these artists. He plans on collaborating with artists from Sweden, U.S., and Spain to create a diverse group of artists and to introduce the beautiful music of reggaeton to the Swedish society who are still unaware of the magic of this music genre.

UFFEII isn’t only looking to fulfill his dream of producing and performing his music, but he is simultaneously looking for an opportunity to bring the reggaeton community together and to give them another chance to take over the world. To learn more about UFFEII and his music, you can head to the Instagram page @uffeii