U Art (@uart.uae)

Digital art has empowered both the painters and photographers as it is the mixture of both skills. U Art is one of the famous digital art platforms based in Abu Dhabi. The company offers digital and traditional paintings, which includes caricature, cartoons, etc. The company is specialized in different drawing styles like realistic art, caricature style, cartoon style, etc. In a world where natural has become rare and artificial has become common. U Art’s every inch of the work is hand made to create the best caricatures worldwide. With more than 6.5k followers on Instagram (@uart.uae), U Art is trying to put its mark in the digital art industry. If you want to see its artwork and drawings, Follow U Art on Instagram.

The best portraits are those which have a slight mixture of caricature. The caricature has become a popular and most demanding genre of fine art. A caricature is a funny portrait that exaggerates the subject’s unique characteristics. It looks more like that person. U Art specializes in providing caricature services to people that also help elevate their moods. The company offers events live caricatures at birthday parties, weddings, product launch events, and others. If you are looking for live caricature services for your event? Visit U Art’s website or follow its Instagram account

The company has a website (www.uart.ae) where it shares its work and provides a platform for customers for ordering. Any company needs to design an easy-to-use and influential website. U Art’s website is designed for customers’ convenience. Customers prefer those websites to order that provide ease and convenience. When a customer wants to order a drawing, the website offers a different drawing style, whether a realistic style, cartoon, or caricature. Then, it offers color selection and body type options. It also provides background type and other important information about the drawing. All the information is taken to ensure the artwork is up to the customer’s expectations and no point is missed in the final product. The company delivers paintings in a digital format with a high-definition quality of 3000px and 3000dpi resolution. The company also offers caricature printing on posters, canvas, mugs, cushions, shirts etc., according to customers’ demand. Does it sound interesting? If yes, Follow U Art on Instagram.

Besides it, U Art offers online caricature courses. Earning and contributing to society should go side by side; it helps gain people’s trust and appreciation. The company is associated with different caricature artist that teaches people excellent skill in this modern age. Art has become modernized. That’s why learning new and upgraded art methods will help people earn their livelihood; this is how the company aims to contribute its effort to societal development. The company has several great caricature artists for teaching, for example, Ivan- a great caricature artist. He has five years’ experience in the same field and loves to share knowledge with people. If you want to learn about this skill or explore this art, Follow U Art on Instagram.

The only thing that matters to the business is the customer. Customer service should not just be a department. It should be the whole company. The business basics are to stay as close as possible to the customers; you should understand their behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. U Art values its customer; that’s why the company aims to make clients satisfied with their delightful artwork. The artist puts excellent efforts into making unique art pieces for customers. Still, if the customer is not satisfied, the company offers ten free revisions, and in case of additional revision, company charges AED10. Follow U Art on Instagram and witness their unique digital artwork.