Tyler Tometich (@vfx_monkey)

Tyler Tometich (@vfx_monkey)

With the advancement in technology, we have been able to experience exalted worlds that could never exist on this planet. Even if one is not into the genre of fantasy, we all have heeded these visuals in cinema, commercials, video games, and now even on Instagram. The realm that we all have entered into is none other than Visual Effects or more commonly known as VFX. This is the world that has been a complete game-changer for our entertainment and how we conceive. The genuine applause goes to VFX artists who have made the impossible possible through painstaking work they had put in, as it is one of the most challenging work to do. One of such individuals is Tyler Tometich, who not only entered this realm but also conquered it.

Tyler Tometich completed his Associate’s degree in digital media from the well-known private college of Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, graduating with an impressive CGPA of 3.86. This baffling performance was not only evidence of his brilliance within the institution, where he was considered as one of the brightest honor students but also outside of it. Ever since Tyler was a little kid, he was a very imaginative person. He’d spent hours making cosmoi in his mind. When VFX was launched, he immediately knew that it is the perfect career option for him as now all his realms in his imagination could be seen and heard. It didn’t take Tyler long to move up the socio-economic ladder to attain the stage where he was able to stand on his own feet and start his very own production company in Los Angeles that specializes in animation and visual effects.

However, this rise was not rainbows and cupcakes. VFX is a field where even a little slacking off can be seen right through the visuals. Thus a ruthless amount of hard work and attention to detail is required in this field. However, due to Tyler’s diligence, perseverance, and self-belief, he was able to do it all. No matter what obstacles came his way, he conquered them all. As the saying goes, “you only get out what you put in” since he put in countless hard work, it brought showers of offers at his doorsteps. Some of the most exceptional opportunities he got were to work on highly anticipated feature film campaigns such as Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Thor, and many others. While working in such extensive movies, word got out about Tyler’s impeccable skills and creativity. This news took the entire entertainment industry by storm, and within a few weeks, there was a line of people wanting to work with him. Since then, he has been blessed to work on tv shows, commercials, and music videos. Such as walking dead, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, etc. Recently, to expand his vision, he has been creating content for countless celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Tyler Tometich recently made an Instagram account, @vfx_monkey, where he provides a scoop into his life. Not only that, but he also does challenges and teaches his followers how to do some special VFX themselves. Recently, he has been doing a monthly movie challenge where he makes VFX intensive videos based on the chosen movie theme, and his followers try to do the challenge as well. Due to his humble nature of giving back to his fans and being transparent about his work, Tyler has almost twelve thousand followers, which keep rising with every new post.

Chuck Palahniuk, a renowned author, once said, “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” Tyler is a breathing proof of this saying. Through his relentless hard work, creativity, and pertinacity, he was able to create something that will live for eternity. He is an inspiration to all of us, and just like his work, his tale will always be remembered.

For many, working in feature films such as Captain Marvel would’ve been the climax to their story. For Tyler, this is just the beginning.