Tyler Obrien (@tyobrienn)

Tyler Obrien (@tyobrienn)

Tyler O’Brien is a rising star from California. He is an established musician and has an impressive online presence. He has been making music for a long time now. Music is something that he has loved since he was a child and now, he finally has the opportunity to make his music and give his fans something from his personal life.

Tyler has a very well-maintained and followed SoundCloud account where he has been sharing clips and snippets of songs that he has performed or covered. He started his journey as a musician at a young age and has been singing locally at bars. This and his SoundCloud account have given him the recognition and popularity that has made him very well known in his hometown.

Like all rising stars, Tyler wishes to put out his music and have his fans support him. He has already got the support of thousands of people but his desire to conquer the world with his music wouldn’t let him stop. Tyler has a very unique style that is personal to him and has emerged as a result of his music taste. He doesn’t meddle with just a single genre. Instead, you will find that his music is more of a mix of indie, pop, rock, and hip-hop music.  This combination is not very commonly adapted, which is why Tyler stands out to the public and his current followers. He makes it seem like a walk in the park with how he handles each of these genres while maintaining his unique sound.

One thing about Tyler’s performances is that they always leave the crowd in awe. It’s not easy being a performer but Tyler does it amazingly alongside being a great musician. Creating music, writing music, producing music, and then performing it; all take a lot of talent and effort. With Tyler, you get all of them effortlessly. He’s not just a pro at performing on stages and for different audiences, he can hold the crowd’s attention and hype them throughout. He also makes music that directly resonates with his listeners and that is because he remains true to himself while making music.

Like all emerging artists and musicians, Tyler is yet to enter many big platforms that can help take him on a faster journey to success. He is about to launch himself on Apple Music and Spotify. Spotify is one of the most fruitful revenue-generating streaming services due to the high number of users and the density of people streaming music at any time of the day. A shift to this platform can not only help Tyler strengthen his place in the music industry but will also help him generate revenue from his music which can then help him finance his future moves.

A great number of artists and musicians have emerged with the rise in digital platforms and streaming services. The process to become widely known and popular doesn’t depend on your interactions with professionals now. Instead, you can simply make an online account and start putting out the music you love. If your listeners feel like you deserve more recognition, you will get it in no time.

Tyler has just started his journey in the music industry. He has a lot more to accomplish before he can set his grip on the industry. However, given his talent and skills, it shouldn’t be very hard for him to acquire the popularity and success that he’s looking for. If you wish to listen to his music, you can find him on Soundcloud at @kidhurts. You can also check out his Instagram account @tyobrienn.