Tunes Bridges (@playmaker1121_)

Tunes Bridges (@playmaker1121_)

Music is considered to be the language of universality. It is a source of art that nourishes our soul as well as pleases our ears and mind. For a long time, music has been providing us spiritual power. It has sufficient potential to lift our mood, and bring positive placidness to our life. Music actively interacts in bringing positivity to our lives. Music is a thing that admits to the soul and becomes a sort of undying spirit. It does not only provide us entertainment but also assists us to manifest emotions in the best manner which are sometimes harder to express. Today, we will talk about a renowned music producer from the United States of America whose music beats always finds their way into the hearts of music lovers. He always produces such a remarkable piece of art that always becomes super hit. Being a popular luminary, he has a very huge fan following on Instagram with 31.7k followers, and still, the chain of his followers is continued to increase. Yes, we are certainly talking about Tyrone Bridges who is professionally known as Tunes Bridge @playmaker1121_.

Tunes Bridges belongs to New York and was born on 24th August. He is famously known for producing enthralling music in all genres. His specialization lies in producing, composing, and writing songs. Tunes’ song, Henny trip is the top hit song of his career.  He is also popularly known as a tremendous sound engineer. He produces energetic live performances with his dynamic processing and audio effects. This is the reason that his music accumulates love throughout the world. So far, he has worked for different labels.

Tunes bridges acquired his degree in Associates Business management and Music theory from Gateway Community college. He learned to record music where he flourished himself in pro tools as well as in Cubase. He was so passionate about music as he created his 1st production music album while acquiring his degree. Soon after, he got the opportunity to work as a music producer in a music company, VP Grey Group where he produced some super hit and rising spirit songs. After that, he started to serve his precious service in other music companies namely Wamm, LLC and Universal Greece where he still works as a music production manager.

Besides an exceptional musician, Tunes is a professional representative and advisor for a musician too. He has assisted many artists in building their successful careers in the field of music. As one of his artists’ songs was listened to by 60.5k music lovers within one week of releasing on YouTube and later the streaming level was increased to 200.6k in less than two months. Along with it, he also promotes various companies’ brands to let them achieve their business objectives. For helping artists vastly, he has set up his own marketing company, AGA Agency. It is a company through which Tunes helps artists to shape their successful careers easily.

Tune Bridges is a shining example of a successful story whose passion for music is a reflection of his personality. When someone gives his 100% to a thing someone does and never gives up. That level of dedication shows how much he is committed to his work. Undoubtedly, this incredible credit goes with Tunes Bridges who always ready to meet with new opportunities. With his support and exceptional marketing skills, many artists and companies became able to alleviate successfully. Thus, if you want music that touches everyone’s heart and remains in their memory forever, then Tunes Bridge’s magnificent music service is available for you. Moreover, he can also help to raise career as well as any business at an extensive level of success. To get his service, you can follow him on Instagram @playmaker1121_ or visit his website