Trending Belize (@trending_501)

Trending Belize (@trending_501)

For all talents whether closeted, emerging, or already known, the best fuel and driving force is encouragement. Encouraging and pushing people who are good at something and passionate about it is a push for them in the right direction because they know they are appreciated, loved, and supported. A lot of talent, be it in singing, rapping, writing, acting, modelling, photographing, painting, or even crafting, requires reassurance from the people around those possessing this talent to know that they should keep on going with something because it makes those around them happy and leaves them inspired.

The growth of social media over the years has allowed for major growth and outreach when it comes to finding talent and promoting it, be it in the field of arts, music, education, or even politics, but sometimes geographic logistics and accessibility become part of the reason talents do not get any form of exposure. This lack of reach and audience hinders their growth and their chances of excelling in their field with support from onlookers.

Recognizing that a lack of platform was keeping so many bright talents from shining, this particular Instagram page called “Trending Belize” had its inception on the app to shine some light on the brilliant minds in the country. The handle of the page, @trending_501, is actually a nod to the country’s calling code (501) to bring even more attention to Belize. A Caribbean country on the coast of Central America towards the northeast side, Belize is a country which is riddled in poverty, having one of the highest indices of poverty in the world. The lack of reach into the region became a catalyst to the talents in the area being sidelined and Trending Belize stepped up to the plate to eradicate the problem.

Trending Belize was established on Instagram in 2018, aiming to bring attention to the local talents mainly in the stream of music, specifically rap. Considering ones life experiences usually bring out the expression and add depth to art, Belize housed many rappers and artists who wished to gain a platform to display their art and allow others to enjoy it. Trending Belize took shape into the platform the locals so dearly needed, and has since then been able to amass an impressive 10,100 followers! Taking the circumstances into consideration, this is a bigger number than one thinks, because it is a stepping stone and a starting point for the talents of Belize.

A local rapper who got a platform through Trending Belize, who goes by the name “King Brack” as a musician, has been promoted on the page since his first ever release with links to other streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Other names include “Deebreezy”, “IRVDAWG”, and “Daryn Casanova”, all artists hailing from Belize who have gotten ample support within and outside Belize, proving that the efforts of the page have not been in vain.

Trending Belize hasn’t only given rappers a platform, but locals who have started businesses in the country and need shoutouts and support in any shape or form. It is a truly heartwarming sight, seeing Trending Belize step forward to become the saving grace for a lot of these individuals and their successes are commendable.

The page has recently launched merchandise, solid-colored t-shirts in black, white, and blue with “Belize” printed on the front in the colors of the rainbow. Perhaps the color choices represent the color, variety, and versatility that Belize has to offer, but the thought and execution of merchandise to bring attention not just to the talent, but the country that houses it is nothing to scoff at, because it is certainly a step in the right direction.

To support the people of Belize and the ample talent they possess, follow Trending Belize on Instagram @trending_501 to not miss any updates regarding merch, business, music and much more!