Trayone Roundtree (@traybanksss)

Trayone Roundtree (@traybanksss)

Dance and music both are forms of art. Music is an art form that triggers our feelings in different ways. On the other hand, Dance is an art of time and space. A philosopher has said that dance and architecture were the first two arts. Moreover, many people state that dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body. The pleasure of music is in the listening; the pleasure of dancing is in watching that music take a bodily shape and express its meaning in a visual experience. Anyone who can express his creative thoughts or emotional experiences is technically considered an artist. There are some notable people of different generations who haven’t limited their creative talent for a single form of art. Today’s article is also about a young man who is perfect in exhibiting both forms of arts that is dance and music as well. Trayone, a young artist whose soul is devoted to music and dance, and surely he is passionate about both. He is working hard on his both skills and wants to pursue his career as a great artist.

Trayone is from Los Angeles. He is reaching millions of hearts through his dance and music around the globe. Working in the music industry, he has released many songs and his music taste grabbed many followers. He released his first single in November 2020 which was Ready for War. Trayone’ music is not of a specific or same genre. He follows and likes every bit of music whether it is Hip Hop, R&b, alternative rock, or pop. He records what he feels. He has recorded many songs and all of his songs are available on different platforms including Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify including some of his top songs No destination, Back and Fourth, Sugar Hills, Talk to me, Ready for War, and many others. Adding his perfect taste to music, he is working hard on different to have a name in the music industry, which surely he does. His music pieces connect the hearts of his followers and have a great effect on them.

Other than music, Trayone also a master’s in dance. Dance is the other form of expressing feelings for him. His dance moves can easily impress anyone. Practicing his dance in dance studios, you will see his talent. On his Instagram, he has posted many videos of his amazing dance moves for his more than sixty-one thousand followers. He surely does justice to the dance, by his expressions and moves. His facial expressions, gestures, posture does justice to dance, which shows that he is a true artist. The grace and beauty he adds during his dance attract all of his followers and viewers. Trayone does not keep his talent to himself but also tries to give classes in different workshops.

Trayone Roundtree is surely a multi-talented artist doing justice to both dance and music both. By posting different videos and his stories he also tries to give motivation and self-acceptance to others. He is inspiring people to dream big and dare to achieve whatever they want with hard work and determination. Tray is perfecting his skills by practicing and not giving up. The young artists who are talented enough to pursue both forms of art in his life need to work hard to polish his both skills so that he can set an example for the upcoming generation and artists that being multi-talented is a blessing if you can work had and polish your talents.

He is a social person and shares his dance moves and music pieces on his social media accounts. Other than Instagram, he also joined Tik Tok recently, he is also active on his Twitter account. If you want to see some of his great dance moves and want to follow his music pieces. You can follow him on his Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter