Todd M. Dubois

Todd M. Dubois

Life is beautiful and fleeting at the same time; any point at a time, we feel happiness, the moment is gone. It is a special skill to capture life’s perfect moment. For every moment is transient and comes only once, that is why to make and store memories, we take photographs, so to carry a piece of memory with ourselves and to look back at them and reminisce. Todd M. Dubois is an amateur photographer who has made his aim to perfect the skill of capturing the impeccable moment and transform it into a photograph.

Todd has links to San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. He is a nature lover and loves to garden and take care of his plants, both of his hobbies, photography and gardening are extremely calming and soothing, perhaps to balance with the fast life of the cities. He is also an animal lover and has a cute and playful dog.

As for his photography, his style is versatile and ever-changing. Todd loves to play with colours, contrasts, shadows and highlights to create the perfect picture. His work is truly unique, as it showcases the world in its natural state but with a euphoric and ethereal glow. Most of his work showcases public buildings, the outdoors and seldom animals too.

Todd Dubious resides in Seattle and shows the rainy city in a completely different light and vibe. He shows the ever-awake state of the city showcased by neon signs, busy streets and the dreary reflections in puddles of the rain. Other than showcasing the city life, he also loves to delve into nature photography by showcasing cloudy skies, starry nights, the calm oceans, and the ever-swaying trees in the wind. As mentioned above, Todd does not confine himself to a specific photography style. He has been photographing other topics such as city architectures, especially in Seattle. Moreover, his work also extends to food photography, whereby he showcases palatable dishes, coffees and delicacies to his followers.

His work is captivating and very pleasing to the eye. Since his photography is diverse, his work tickles the fancy of people from all over the world. This is evident by the steadily increasing number of Instagram followers on his photography account. Todd’s photography has accumulated nearly 19,000 followers on Instagram. His work shows Seattle in a completely new light. Seattle is often stereotyped and portrayed as sad and a depressive place. However, Todd’s photography completely trumps that notion and shows the unconventional but sure-fire light and thrivingness of the city.

Todd’s work isn’t exclusive to Seattle, he has also delved into the country scene by using his lens to capture the beauty of Texas. Todd travelled to Austin, Texas to capture the true beauty of the countryside. His new photos dive closer into animal and nature photography. There is also a striking contrast between the warm tones used in Texas and the cooler and striking tones used in Seattle’s photography.

His work is very aesthetic, to say the very least, it shows the everyday life of the city with a new pair of eyes. This skill in photography is very treasured and rare to find, although Todd is an amateur photographer, his work hasn’t failed to impress thousands of people. By going through his work, it can be seen that Todd has been improving with every picture he clicks.

Todd’s simple yet engaging photography style has captured the hearts and attention of thousands of people from all around the globe. His work is received with well-deserved praise and his posts are showered with hundreds of likes. His work and life can be followed on Instagram at @todd.michael.dubois.