TK Parker (@Ttkparker)

TK Parker (@Ttkparker)

For the United States, baseball as a sport has always been extremely important. For the youth, little league parks and baseball diamonds have served as important spaces where growth and crucial socialization as taken place for them. Baseball is part of the American Dream and remains a part that stays alive in the American social fabric. Baseball is so quintessentially American in its identity where the teams learn the power of working together to achieve something. Baseball has also been something that the players cherish for all of their lives, often having devoted their entire lives to the sport because of their sheer passion for it.

TK Parker is one of those few people who hold so much passion for the sport that they breathe and live it. For Parker, the sport is not just a game but rather life as he has spent all of his life playing it. Having had his first introduction to the sport at a very early age, Parker, at 20, continues to play the game with more and more passion every day.

Parker’s passion for the sport is what led him to Perfect Game (PG) where he worked to promote the game of baseball for the future by hosting some of the highest quality amateur events. He has also been involved with helping baseball, as a sport, to grow and gain supporters. A 2020 grad at PG, Parker shines through with a 7.5 as his best PG Grade which means that he is above college prospect with a possible draft pick in his future. He also stands in the top 1000 players nationwide. This is no easy feat to achieve especially in a sport that is as competitive as baseball is.

Parker’s talent has always shined through as just fresh out of high school, he had fifteen different D1 scholarship offers in his hands. Parker was also supposed to get drafted straight out of high school however, the global surge of COVID-19 prevented it from happening. Nevertheless, Parker’s talent and passion for the sport continue to shine in his present endeavors at Long Beach State.

Having served his time as the baseball team’s member in Granite Hills High School, Parker has moved on to playing for the Long Beach State since his freshman year. He has appeared in fourteen separate games for the Jets with seven runs scored and four RBI.

As baseball is an extremely physically exhausting sport, it ends up getting very difficult for its players to not let it affect their performance and outlook towards approaching the sport. However, Parker’s philosophy for whenever things get hard is the simple phrase, “Just be yourself.” It is both simple and effective. It is crucial to remember why a person pursues something in the first place.

For Parker, a figure who has remained a constant in his life has been his high school baseball coach. His coach acted as a father to him, which was a role that Parker himself did not know that he needed in his life. According to Parker, without his coach, he might not have been able to achieve the success that he has and this marks him as one of the biggest contributors to his accomplishments.

To keep up to date with Parker and his present and future endeavors as he makes leaps in the world of baseball, one can follow him on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He can be found under the username @ttkparker.