Tight Fitted

Tight Fitted

A creative at heart, Lamar Ware is a young ambitious fitness geek situated in California with a dedicated passion for sports fits. Having always been invested in the world of fitness fashion and wanting to contribute to the culture, in 2016, Lamar founded and upstarted his own brand alongside his family and got to work, expanding his line through e-commerce. His company; aptly going by the name “Tight Fitted”, is based in Los Angles and is the perfect representation of what Lamar wishes to give to the world – with goods ranging from fashionable streetwear to form-fitting sportswear; Tight Fitted – and by extension Lamar – aims to market modern and exclusive attire for the average sports enthusiast.

Throughout his years biding his interests in street culture, the young entrepreneur was quick to notice the inclining trend of street and sportswear becoming more and more inaccessible to the average folk. And so, Lamar had finally had enough when the idea of starting his own business to cater to the masses came to him like his own personal muse. With the help of his supporting partner and family, Lamar set to work to uproot the foundations of what has now become an up-and-coming family business.

Having taken full advantage of the digital era, Lamar has established a successful platform for his business through online mediums – with his most prominent source of marketing happening through Instagram (@tightfitted). Here, the young entrepreneur takes full leverage of his vast following of over two thousand followers to promote his brand. In the same vein, his business has sought an ever-growing interest on Facebook, with followers steadily increasing by the day. Like any smart businessman, Lamar utilizes his platform as an extension of his own personality, connecting his business page with his own Instagram account – which on its own has a whopping two thousand followers. Here, as an Instagram influencer, he upholds his business via his celebrity status, hence assisting the promotion of his brand.

This dedication of attaching the brand to his own image just further goes to show how Lamar is dedicated to his art and his commitment to selling his customers with only the best – his refusal to market anything that he himself won’t rep making him a trustworthy individual. It is no wonder then, that his business has been so quick to catch the eye f many like-minded sports enthusiasts.

With an extensive range of clothes and frequent drops of lines fresh off the press, Tight Fitted is not only an affordable brand but is brimming with sleek, modern designs – maintaining an aura of minimalistic high-end fashion which showcases the more creative side of the young entrepreneur. Further, with a commitment to keep his supporters aware of the authenticity of his brand, Tight Fitted oft posts customer reviews up on the stories so that every customer – old or new – is given every assurance of the brand’s promise to its customers of always delivering their best.

In addition to keeping in line with quality assurance, Tight Fitted is determined in ensuring comfort, with clothes that feel as weightless and snug as a second skin. Using only the highest quality fabric, the clothes are always warranted to feel softer than a cloud on your skin as Lamar notes that looking good – for the gym or otherwise – should never have to come at the cost of compromising on your comfort. After all, clothes are an extension of our personalities, and what use is it to express yourself when you can’t even manage to feel at home in your own skin?