Master Mitch

Master Mitch

Bosa Sebele, a writer, and activist, once said, “there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” Women are one of the most powerful creatures in this world. Being in this profoundly patriarchal society, women have to go through so many catastrophes and struggles to make a name for themselves. They have to put in 100 times more effort to attain the same level as others. However, certain empowering females make it seem like reaching the apex is a piece of cake. However, this place is entirely due to their sheer determination, hard work, and diligence. Tiffany Mitchell is one of those empowering women who are worth talking about.

Tiffany Mitchell is also known as Master Mitch. She is a businesswoman and an ambassador, influencer, adventurer, model public speaker, and host. She is highly passionate about life in all stages and forms, whether it is glamorous or simple.

This sort of thinking has been part of Tiffany’s life since she can remember. Ever since she was a young child, she believed life is meant to be savoured and cherished despite being rugged or tailor-made. This is the reason why she decided to share her positivity with the world. It was the year 2019 when she began to share her entire life with the world on social media. While many people do this kind of content, there was something different about Tiffany. Perhaps it was her positive mindset or transparency, but more people tuned in to check her out every day. Soon her account blew up, and her fans kept coming back and asking for more. It was then she decided to make a youtube channel where she posts very diverse types of content. From try on hauls for date nights or proms to checking out new viral challenges, Tiffany not only does it, but she also conquers it all.

However, as nothing in life is easy, neither was Tiffany Mitchell’s rise. She also faced storms of hardships and failures. There were certain videos that did not do that well in the spring of her career. Nonetheless, all these fallbacks never stopped her from trying again, and she rose again against all her odds. As the old saying goes, “The door will open only for those bold enough to knock,” she was able to surmount all the obstacles with a smile on her face, and now her youtube channel has more than 100 thousand views—all of which was possible due to her eternal hard work and self-belief.

Besides her youtube channel, Tiffany is highly active on her Instagram @mastermitchh, with almost a hundred thousand followers. Fans tune in as not only is she an Instagram influencer representing myriad beauty and fashion brands, but she also shows her unfiltered everyday life moments.

Since Tiffany Mitchell has been in this domain for many years, it is inevitable that she’d make many happy memories that she looks back to. While picking up one best memory out of countless is notably hard, there is one memory that she can never forget. It is when Tiffany did something risky and put herself out there by doing a lingerie try-on haul on her youtube channel. However, her video spread like wildfire and became one of her highest viewed and liked videos on her channel. The reason why it is her beloved memory is that it was a huge learning lesson, never to be afraid of risks and challenges. As only by taking a chance was she able to receive recognition from the world, which helped her get more offers in the longer run.

“At the end of the hardships comes happiness” is a saying that Tiffany Mitchell exhaled into existence through her everyday grind. She is an empowering woman who is an inspiration to every girl who wants to make a name for herself and achieve something big in this world. Even when many years have passed down, Tiffany’s story will live eternally.