The Watch (@thewatch_tv)

The Watch (@thewatch_tv)

In this day and age, where the comfort of living and efficiency in performing tasks has become the modus operand of everyday life, it seems that little else matters to most people now. In fact, modern conveniences don’t even begin to describe the effortless way we have co-opted everything around us to help us live nowadays. From being able to order anything online and having it delivered right at your home’s doorstep to having everything already pre-made for you, only a click of a button away from being accessible as per your convenience, it seems that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to live life anymore.

Gone are the times where you went hungry for days, unable to hunt or even scavenge any food for that hungry stomach of yours, rumbling and growling out in pain to be fed.  Gone are the restless nights filled with the dread of not getting a proper night’s rest on the hard, uncomfortable grounds of the plains or the sweltering heat and humidity of the dense jungle forest. Gone is the anxiousness at always having to be aware and stay at high alert for the creatures of the dark, hoping that they don’t go ‘bump’ in the night.

Instead, we find ourselves wrapped up in the warm comfort of civilized society, where what awaits us at every turn is the exact opposite of the dangers our ancestors so desperately tried to preserve against. No longer do the usual forces of nature such as the rain, the constantly changing weather, and predators out on the hunt – so much as posing a threat to our safety and wellbeing. No, with changing times have come advancements that seem to have foregone the need for such primal methods for concepts as ancient as ‘survival.’

Well, if indeed we are living in conditions so improved from those of the past, why are we here today? What exactly are we talking about? Learning survival skills may seem like a rather pointless endeavor to most – after all, the chances of you getting lost in the jungle on your way to work are pretty slim, right?

It is important to remember that no matter how advanced our societies have become, one never knows when he or she may find oneself in a situation outside of the normal protocol practiced in contemporary society. Granted, if you commute to work for a thirty-minute ride and maybe, sometimes, find yourself able to leave the country once a year on the occasional trip or holiday, the chances are pretty slim; however, you never know when you might find yourself in a real-life survival situation.

From having the power in your entire city knocked out to you losing your Internet or just getting stranded in the wilderness during that rare holiday you got, you will fully understand the importance of holding the knowledge of having basic survival skills within your pocket. From starting a fire to building a shelter, these skills aren’t necessarily taught in your typical school classes, and with each generation, modern survival skills seem to become less and less important to learn.

Well, that’s where The Watch comes in. Premiering May 2021, the Watch will be a talk-show style show hosted by one survival enthusiast and devotee, Julien. Already sporting well over sixty thousand followers, which seem to be growing by the minute over on his Instagram page (@thewatch_tv), is going to be a long format show where Julien takes you through the different aspects to surviving – whether it be out in the wild or if you happen to find yourself in a tough spot during your normal day to day life. If that’s not enough to convince you to go check them out, maybe the support of all your beloved stars will. Endorsements from everyone from Emilio Rivera to Elija Woods, you can be sure that even the hottest celebs are going to be tuning in to hear what Julien has to say, so don’t forget to join in on the fun!