The Don (@alecjitkaze)

Pieces of art set standards; standards do not make pieces of art. The Don (Jami Kaze) has a unique style because he always makes his own rules and standards in art (music). Jami Kaze (@alecjitkaze) is a true example of independent singing, as he never gets frightened of new ideas. Imagination creates reality, and this quote suits Don very well. His 9,348 followers of Instagram are enjoying his creative imagination and modern style of music. Jami Kaze starts from his hometown and is now spreading his catchy lyrics through many social media accounts like Facebook, Sound Cloud and Audiomack. His loud voice is for all the quiet hearts and souls. Follow The Don on Instagram for feeling alive and energetic via his music.

Don is a member of OTM (Only The Member); OTM is his home. He has only done one thing after starting OTM: go forward! He has overcome all of the challenges, setbacks, and losses he has encountered! He has been plagued by mental illness since 2018, yet it hasn’t slowed him down in any way. Most people don’t know how much time and effort he put into it when it comes to making music. There is no doubt about it that he is responsible for half of the music which is released. On the other hand, he doesn’t care what sets him apart. It’s what he loves to do! As long as the task gets done, he is happy to be in the shadows! Since he is fantastic, everyone at OTM is delighted to have him as their CEO. If you are also playing local music, stay tuned with OTM and Jami Kaze for help.

Jami Kaze belongs to a society where no one can go against convention and traditions. But he decided never to walk under others’ shade if he fails or succeeds; at least he did as he believed and desired. He faces many hardships, but he works hard by thinking that he would never learn and grow if everything were perfect. He kept trying to maintain a level head as it’s so easy to get turned in this world. He is indeed a Don so that no one can bend his head, and he achieved what he wants. He is a musician and makes music for a living. As a musician, he believes that he must reach out and share his love and pain with others. Follow Jami Kaze and know about his style and passion.

No one can ever argue that he has given up working for himself and his family! He is always blessed, and now his new song, “The Sound of Tears”, is stealing everyone’s hearts. He has released many pieces like a crisis, alone, by my side, no filter and many more. His songs are super hit not just because of the members of OTM but also due to his followers on Instagram and other social media accounts. He is releasing his songs via audiomack, with around 22k followers. Follow Jami Kaze for listening to his more releases. 

Jami Kaze never gets worried about gossip because people gossip just like critics. He is always confident in his work; in fact, he always admires his followers by saying to them that “be true to yourself as an artist and never doubt your abilities. As long as you aren’t planning to be confident, you may as well not even be doing it at all.” Jami Kaze is a master in his style (hip-hop) and is helping newbies to master their techniques. People call him Don because his style and music is beatable as he is the CEO of OTM. If you want to make your style in the music industry, then be a part of his community and follow @alecjitkaze.