THAT DOPE PASTOR (@leonscoggins)

THAT DOPE PASTOR (@leonscoggins)

Faith is innate. It comes to those who are fortunate, but even amongst those, only a few can value it and do something meaningful out of it. Leon Scoggins is one of those rare individuals who realized their calling at a remarkably early age. He got in touch with his spirituality at the age of 5, and ever since then he has worked toward nourishing his spirituality and of those around him. Leon understands and value human emotions and treats them gently, which makes him approachable and likeable. There is a reason why voice can pierce through the thoughts of hearts, but it’s a talent he uses very responsibly.

Leon was taught and groomed at Center of Hope Community Church in Oakland, California, which as we know is an astir city with a busy life. It was commendable of Leon to find God amid the buzz, but he under the mentorship of Bishop Ernestine Cleveland-Reems. Bishop Ernestine taught this little boy everything he needed to know to become a fearless man and go after his goals ruthlessly. Because of the unbelievable encouragement he received from his mentor, Leon was ready to take on the world at a very young age. In fact, he was only 7 years old when he gave his first sermon in front of a large crowd. That was just the inception of his altruistic and brave career. At age 16, Leon was well-aware of his calling, and that’s when he transitioned to Providence Baptist Church in Richmond California. It was then that he received the honourable license to preach and serve as a Youth Pastor.

He graduated from the top-notch college— Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) in the Bay Area. It was there that he tested his passion for drums and percussion and realized he’s good at it. Later, Leon was invited to perform with some really big names in the industry such as Ledisi, Zendaya Coleman, Angie Stone, etc.

However, as he grew older, Leon did not give up on his church. He remained loyal to it and started serving its youth department by investing his time and abilities. This was the moment from where he decided to put everything he has on the line to help people around him, especially the youth. Leon aims to encourage the youth, to inspire them and motivate them. He wanted to show a more modern approach that will attract the millennials and make them participate in the discourse.

It was Leon Scoggin’s utter determination that made him one of the most influential and distinct voices amongst the millennials in the 21st century. He uncovered nuances in the social commentary that the millennials want to hear and rose to become one of the most important personalities in the media. At the mere age of 25, Leon has become an author, an influencer, a motivational speaker, a pastor, and an entrepreneur. He has earned a reputation to reach far and wide, to find young people who need help and directing them towards the light at the end of the tunnel. He understands young people, and he uses that talent to its full potential. Currently, he is the youngest Pastor in the state of California, and a surprising thing is that he has a huge social media presence that makes his influence reach thousands of people.

Leon is also a proud husband of Danaè Scoggins, whom he sometimes calls Nae lovingly. They both are proud parents to their beautiful daughter Peyton. He knows how to value his work as well as his family because family is very important to the young pastor.

Pastor Leon Scoggins believes in the power of change. He thinks change can come if we try to approach a problem with kindness and compassion. His encouragement, empathy, and fearlessness have influenced thousands of people from all over the world. He is a strong advocate of pushing for the betterment, and for that, he has organized rallies and events to bring people together on one platform. Pastor Leon’s struggle towards making this world a better place is extremely commendable and inspiring. If you want to look him up, you can check out his social media link: “leonscoggins”.