TF Steez (@tfsteez)

TF Steez (@tfsteez)

Stanley Akhin, also known as TF Steez, is a young, aspiring artist from Ontario, Canada. TF Steez is an extremely zealous music enthusiast, and making music inspires him to no end. For this budding artist, music is more than art— it is a form of lifestyle. He is currently producing music and publishing them on all the big mainstream media platforms. TF Steez wants a wider audience to listen to his music and the project he is currently working on.

The 26-year-old artist recently released his song called “Intro.” The said song is the first music video on his Youtube channel that goes by the username— ‘TF Steez,’ and it came out at the end of last year.  It is a rap song with a touch of Hip-hop to it. The song’s lyrics are strategically written, as they can be befitting for a personal anecdote from the singer’s life. But, the underlying theme of the song can also fit well with the past year that was spent during a global lockdown.

TF Steez is currently working on an exciting project, “Elevator Muzic VOL1.” The young rapper has dropped many hints on his Instagram to get his fans excited for the upcoming music. He has posted quite a few pictures of himself in the studio, depicting that he is working on something exhilarating for the upcoming weeks.

The music industry is thriving with many budding artists. In that case, one must protect their identity and come up with a unique name to popularize one’s reputation. That is one of the main reasons why many singers, especially rappers, come up with a stage name to stand out from the crowd. Stanley has also curated a unique stage name for himself— ‘TF Steez,’ which is not only unique but also has a hip-hop-esque vibe to it.

TF Steez’s music style is also fresh; in a sense that his music has a few rare qualities that work in harmony. For example, the rhyming speech in his raps is brilliantly curated. The rhythms are also carefully styled to match his aura. TF Steez likes listening to all kinds of music, but when it comes to singing— he is more inclined towards rap music.  This genre is currently popular on musical platforms, and most young people generally enjoy it. Rap music is generally a sub-genre of hip-hop music. In recent years, the said genre has advanced immensely with the help of digital samplings and advanced deejaying; the hints of which can be seen in the work Stanley. He also adds his unique touch to the music he makes; it is distinctive and catches the eyes of music enthusiasts. Apart from that— his lyrics are also very relatable to the listeners, as they are reminded of individual experiences while listening to them.

TF Steez released his track on all the big music platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Sound Cloud, iTunes, Tidal, and Amazon Music. His first official track has been received with enthusiasm from the fans; some of them are extremely hopeful on the artist’s behalf over the idea that the song will find a place on the chart soon. His Youtube video has already scored 6000+ views, whereas it has been played a couple of hundred times on Sound Cloud. His first music video is released through a company called, ‘TopFloor Entertainment.’

The music video has a certain cool vibe to it. Since it was shot during the global pandemic of 2020, we witness a creative way of art being made where everyone is making masks and still conveying the message. The neon lighting of the music video adds more weight to the lyrics. The video was directed by Justin Serran, Mix & Mastered by Leeday, and edited by Justin Serran.

TF Steez is aspiring to become a successful artist in the burgeoning music industry someday. Currently, he is working on his debut project ELEVATOR MUZIC VOL1, which is bound to come out soon. He is fueled with creativity, and currently, he is cooking up something exciting in his studio day and night. If you want to check him out follow his Instagram: TFSteez.