Terence Rodia (@youmanagement_uk)

Terence Rodia (@youmanagement_uk)

Performing arts are an essential part of arts and creativity. They allow a person or a group of people to depict a story, a lesson, or a tale to an audience. To make a piece of performing arts have an impact on the audience, whether it is a play, drama, a choreography, a song, or anything else, it must be creative and it must be performed live flawlessly by talented people. In order to make one’s impact in the field of performing arts, one must have the correct approach. It is not easy to just read a script in an audition, but it must be done through a proper channel and with the correct guidance. This can be difficult to find at first, but there are many experienced gems who are willing to dedicate their time, knowledge, and experience to help budding talent bloom and to help people who are passionate about their work. Terence Rodia is one such talent agent who has experience in performing on the stage himself for ten years.

Terence started off as a musical theatre trainee who had moved to the UK on a fully-funded scholarship. After completing his training with flying colors, he continued to have a blooming career in Musical Theatre where he performed many famous pieces for large and small audiences. Some of his performing work includes “Wicked”, ” We will rock you”, “Grease”, and ” West Side Story”. Other than performing, he has also been involved in creative direction work such as choreography and drama directing. He has experience in choreographing for AIDA Cruises, PGT Entertainment, Regent Seven Seas, and Princess Cruises. As for direction, he has directed industry showcases for Musical Theatre drama schools in London. After ten years of a successful career, he decided to start YOU Management Agency.

The foundations of YOU Management were laid by Terence and some of his close friends with the aim to guide and help talented and passionate artists towards success. It was established in 2012, with head offices in the heart of the West End and a second office in Hamburg, Germany. YOU represent actors, singers, and dancers working in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Dance, TV, and Film in the United Kingdom and all around the world. Working with veterans in the industry, Terence has created an agency that is like home to its artists. Terence and his team believe in exceeding the standards of their service by making sure their artists are always up-to-the-mark in terms of talent. They also work on excellent communication between clients and employers. They do not just represent anyone, they have an eye for who they choose to be in their roster. They choose according to talent, passion, creativity, and a desire to succeed. Terence says that he often chooses underdogs; people who have the passion and the talent but always end up being overlooked. He aims to help people reach their full potential, especially people who don’t come from privileged circumstances. Terence believes in working closely with every member of his team to ensure excellence.

Over the years, Terence has improved upon his agency and expanded his brand. In recent years he has launched YOU Castings and YOU Productions. As the executive producer for YOU Productions, he has overseen the production of “Curtains” (Wyndhams Theatre and Tour), “White Christmas” (Dominion Theatre), The Wedding Singer (Troubadour Theatre), The Last King of Scotland (Sheffield Crucible) and served as the Co-Executive Producer for the “Planet Blue” animation brand.

Terence works closely with his long-time friend and business partner Kiri John. Together they strive to achieve excellence by putting the interest of their artists first and foremost in all of their decisions. What makes YOU Management different is its roots. Terence and Kiri started as part of a group of friends who shared information and tips about auditions and sincerely help each other make it big in the field of theatre and performing arts. This is the same humble spirit and mission they took forward while building YOU Management. Their intentions were always to help people grow and achieve their full potential. They are a rising agency and are down-to-earth and sincere.