EDM is a trending and growing music genre that includes a variety of different subgenres. EDM subgenres like trap, house, and future bass have been trending the past few years and these songs are played in clubs, on festivals, and during parties. The build-up, breakdowns, and rapid and slow-changing beats that make up an EDM song are the reason it is so exciting and thrilling to listen to during raves and high-energy dances. DJs keep the party scene alive with their knowledge and skill related to EDM music. Even though they may have different styles, each DJ is different. It depends on how unique a DJ’s taste, creativity, and depth of knowledge is to produce music that is balanced yet exciting.

One such EDM producer and DJ on our watch are Taproz. Taproz is an EDM enthusiast musician who specializes in House, Big Room, and Future Bass. He produces his music and DJs at large and small-scale events. He started his career as a small-time DJ with simple equipment and big dreams. Slowly, he worked towards his goals. He started putting out music for his friends and family to listen to. Like every beginner musician, his work had flaws and shortcomings. He relied on constructive feedback and kept working day and night on his craft. Sometimes, the criticism got harsh and sometimes people didn’t even pay him any attention. But he persevered on because he knew his goals and despite feeling discouraged at times, ultimately music was his passion and he was determined to learn and improve. Learning from one’s shortcomings and channeling one’s frustration into art is the best way to achieve excellence. This is exactly what Taproz kept in mind while he was still in his learning phase.

Speaking of learning phases, Taproz is of the mindset that one truly never gets out of it. He firmly believes that the second one starts to believe that they have learned every necessary skill, that is the death of their art. For this reason, Taproz has always strived to balance his confidence with humbleness. He treated everyone he met with respect and tried to perfect his craft every day. This is the mindset that took him from a boy who experimented with tunes on his laptop to a successful DJ with fully booked shows in multiple large avenues. Ever since he got into the flow of things, he has met amazing opportunities to showcase his music. In this way, he has earned the support and interest of many well-renowned producers who have offered to collaborate with him.

Taproz had only 950 listeners on Spotify at the end of 2019, which was still impressive for someone relatively new in the game. This just highlights the fact that since the very beginning, his work has gained the attention of many music lovers and connoisseurs. This number has since multiplied many times and he now has thousands of people subscribing to his music and streaming it. His growth is impeccable and impressive with his songs getting hundreds of thousands of streams. Recently, he celebrated his song ‘Way Up’ hitting 100,000 streams on Apple Music.

As of now, Taproz is signed to a rising record label Ensis Records. He is also affiliated with the label Toxic Astronaut. These labels help him distribute his music to a wider audience and give him support as an artist. Taproz has a booked schedule these days, where he is in-demand for many shows and events. He also has his merchandise and his playlists are receiving stellar reviews and the streaming numbers to match.

One of his new endeavours is creating a music video for one of his new songs “Move Yo Feet”. For this, he is looking for anyone who wants to appear and star in the music video, the only requirement is to send in a dance video of themselves dancing to Move Yo Feet. It is exciting that he is taking this approach. It is indicative of his appreciation for fresh talent and his desire to give a platform to those who deserve it but are not lucky enough to find it despite their hard work. Taproz seems like a man who is genuinely dedicated to his craft and for that, we wish him the very best.