TalkPeng (@talk.peng)

TalkPeng (@talk.peng)

In the current modern age, where we depend highly on the Internet for automation of our daily lives for all the right reasons, E-Commerce is one of the things that we have embraced with all of our hearts and made a part of our lives as it makes it extremely easy and comfortable to purchase something with its concerns. A good entrepreneur takes an opportunity, refines it to its full potential, and finds the best path for its execution while making sure that there is no room for under-delivering on anything at all. Jonas Hess is one of these Entrepreneurs that have successfully converted their idea into the best possible execution it could have. A good business for you is one that you can personally relate to and there is no doubt in saying that Jonas made a business out of something he was himself passionate about.

In this vast ecosystem of the retail market with high exposure and made highly available to the general population, unique traits and services that go an extra mile are what set these markets apart and make each store stand out differently. TalkPeng takes relating to a product on a spiritual level to another level and is the home to the best Statement T-Shirts which are shirts with relatable and attractive designs that represent the one wearing through words and design and creates an attractive relation that catches the attention of everyone around you and makes you the hot talk of the house.

Considering their audience to be those looking for a connection and find something to relate to, TalkPeng makes sure that their page is constantly up-to-date and gives out a similar vibe and comfort for their customers that help them enjoy not just the products but the whole shopping experience by scrolling through their products and posts. This experience is in itself, one of the reasons why customers love shopping at TalkPeng as they can just get on the page, explore it without any intimidation of highly dense products and can tag their friends along and just have a good time while purchasing their favorite shirts and this makes it the perfect shopping experience allowing customers to get comfortable before they make a purchase.

Being successful in their approach to marketing and creating a comfortable shopping experience, TalkPeng also makes sure that the quality of their shirts is top-notch and with no flaws whatsoever. This makes sure that the customers have both comforts in the purchase and are satisfied with the final product that arrives at their doorstep and to come back without any questions asked, satisfied by the purchase.

TalkPeng makes sure that it not only makes its customers happy but also the whole world, quite literally, the whole world by joining hands with HandPrint and help the NGO Yayasan Gajah Sumatera for the reforestation of the East Java Green Shield, Situbondo North Island, Indonesia in their efforts to preserve the ecosystem by contributing 1% of each order for this. This is a step to reduce carbon blueprint from the production and shipping of the products and to make sure that their efforts to reduce CO2 Emissions, Reduce Erosion and Improve filtration for a better overall environment for us and animals to live in.

Making sure that people all around the world can be a part of the fun, TalkPeng Delivers worldwide and that too, with free of cost shipping to enable as many people as possible around the world to have their favourite set of statements T-Shirts to wear.

Fully Confident in the top-notch quality of their products and making sure that no customer is left unsatisfied, Talkpeng offers one free exchange or refund for the first two weeks and order cancellation for the first day in case you think that another T-Shirt is more about you than the one you ordered.

To check out Talkpeng yourself and get yourself in attire that makes you feel at home, you can follow Talkpeng on Instagram @talk.peng and visit their website at to place your order.