Suvaorg sign (@logopeedsigne)

Suvaorg sign (@logopeedsigne)

Many children face difficulties saying certain sounds or words. This can be exasperating as others are unable to understand what they’re trying to tell.

However, this problem can be easily solved. There are many therapists, which help kids that suffer from such problem. These therapists are called speech therapists or speech-language pathologists.

Speech therapists use different techniques and activities to improve the child’s communication skills.

These exercises and activities are based on talking and playing. Some examples are using different books and objects to encourage language development and providing multiple strategies for the child and caregiver to work on speech therapy at home as well.

Some speech and language disorders that speech therapists deal with are articulation disorder- trouble saying certain sounds, Fluency disorder- repetition of certain sounds, resonance disorder- voice disorder, and language disorder- trouble putting words together to express thoughts.

Signe Suvaorg works as a speech therapist at Tartu Speech Therapy Center and Tartu Kindergarten Poku. She aims to help kids that have difficulty with speech. She shares different products that can be used for children to develop and improve their speech and language.

You can visit her Instagram @logopeedsigne and see her help children develop their speech by reading a rhythmic book. She also mentions certain books such as Pesamuna kõneaabits and Mõmm, kes soovib lennata which parents can buy for their child to help them.

She advises parents or caregivers to get similar books with colorful illustrations which helps the child in predicting the story and forming sentences. Moreover, she believes the caregiver can further engage in conversation by commenting on the characters of the book to develop the child’s speech.

There are more videos of her playing with children. She says that through activities like playing you can easily encourage the child to communicate and can increase their vocabulary by adding words and phrases related to the activity.

Activities on basic things such as shopping, cooking, washing, and organizing can also help with creating conversation. Signe gets toys on daily tasks and engages the child in communication. These tasks are common for children which makes it easier for them to speak about.

Signe thinks picture cards play a very important role in helping the child. She shares several different activities related to picture cards.

One of these was ‘Funny Pictures’, where the child’s imagination about surrounding objects becomes more precise and the child notices the wrong action and expresses that by using his speech. Parents also believe that this activity is effective and want to know where they can buy such products.

Another activity that is widely used by Signe is the picture series. Where the child is given a series of pictures and is asked to arrange it in its story. Then you can tell them the story and encourage them to comment on the story. You can also ask them questions regarding the picture story. Moreover, they help in developing clear.

Signe gets some of her products from Toys for life and Orchard Toys. So, if you’re interested in getting some picture series or other games that will help your child with their speech be sure to check their website out.

Moreover, Signe shares a website that has exercises on reading difficulties and word perception. You can visit for more details on these exercises.

Speech therapy requires a lot of practice thus it is essential that the child practices at home as well. Signe makes study material that you can get by emailing her. These handouts are laminated and can be reused. So, email Signe at [email protected] and get yourself some activities that can develop your child’s communication.

If you’re interested in entering this field, you can check out Signe’s Instagram highlights. She shares some books on speech therapy, maybe you should give them a read to get more information regarding speech therapy. You can also find a glimpse of how her training sessions work.