Sukhi Dosanjh (@infamace)

Sukhi Dosanjh (@infamace)

This article introduces you to one of the most talented, energetic, dynamic, and multi-faceted persons who on social media is widely and popularly identified as @Infamace.

The real name of @infamace is Sukhi Dosanjh. He is basically from Punjab, India but has been living in the UK. By profession, he is a producer for UK Entertainment Company where he deals with many clients coming from India making their films and video shoots. He besides trusting himself believes in working hard and striving relentlessly. In this regard, he is of the belief that no man can reach the pinnacle of success without struggling hard. His profession has always been his passion and he loves whatever he does. He knows nothing but how to achieve his goals and materialize his vision. He always stays focused on achieving what he aspires for. Whenever he sets any goal, he leaves no stone unturned to accomplish it. He tries to be a perfectionist in his work and that’s the reason he has been very successful professionally and thus has received a lot of recognition among his clients. His hard work, undying and sincere efforts, patience, perseverance, dedication, and commitment to his profession have played a significant role in his growing popularity. He has yet a lot to achieve and much to accomplish for which he is firmly determined.

In addition to this, Sukhi Dosanjh is a broad and open-minded person who is free from all types of negativity, conservatism, and narrow-mindedness. He always strives hard to stay focused on positive, happier, and brighter aspects of life. He unlike the majority of the people not only hopes for the best but also aims at finding the light in the dark. His positivity and open-mindedness do not let him fall prey to pessimism and that’s the reason he dislikes being surrounded by pessimists and fake people. He even does not care what people around him think or say against him.

Moreover, Sukhi Dosanjh has an influencing personality with an impressive lifestyle and he belongs to the farmers’ clan that’s why he always stands by farmers when any injustice is done to them. He even records his protest in the UK if he witnesses any brutalities against farmers of his country. He like other farmers loves driving a tractor but unlike them, he is also fond of running races and driving different cars. It won’t be an exaggeration if he is said to be a social activist because he not only fights for the rights of his own clan but also for the rights of all human beings. Whenever he finds that right of any person is being usurped, he besides condemning it records his protest. He just wants love and peace to flourish in the world. Besides, he is an outgoing person who keeps traveling to different parts of the world. Although he is popular but yet he has always been free from ego. He is approachable to all just because of his being social and friendly by nature. He is very humble, kind, and polite to others and loves helping and supporting others in their genuine cause.

Apart from this, Sukhi has learned how to manage his professional, personal, and social life easily. He is never found worried and depressed but with a smile shining on his face just because of his being in a cheerful and happy mood. He knows how to enjoy and make every moment of his life memorable. He loves spending quality time with his family and friends.  He remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok where he has been able to garner thousands of followers. The number of his fans and followers is increasing with each passing day. More can be learned about this fascinating personality if he is followed on his social media accounts, the links to which are given below.