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Giving your child a lavish lifestyle is not good parenting; good parenting teaches him to live a good or meaningful life in this imperfect society. Successful Black Parenting is a magazine that has long been a feature of the Black public’s media. The magazine targeted the life of Black parents. It gave a lot of information for new parents, parents-to-be, or experienced parents. In 1993, the first national magazine for Black parents, Successful Black Parenting, was launched in print form. Since 2016 It is also available on the internet. They have 10.7k followers on Instagram (whose user-id is @successfulblackparenting). Black Parent Magazine or its network offers a secure environment for black folks. They can discuss the essential tasks necessary for raising profoundly strong black children. Black Parent Magazine provides a platform for black parents to explore or practice peaceful parenthood, adoptive parenting, solo parenting, diverse families, ethnically bilingual parenting, critical race theory, LGBTQ+ parenting. Follow Successful Black Parenting on Instagram.

Successful Black Parenting or its CEO, Janice Robinson-Celeste, were declared winners of the Iris Awards for Parenting Excellence in 2021. One for best group blog and the other for most incredible communal engagement. Successful Black Parenting is an award-winning publication. It is about differences in culture rather than skin color. They understand how important it is for Black children to see themselves on the covers of magazines. It inspires them for a bright future or to have a positive influence while decreasing disparities. Feedspot rated Successful Black Parenting magazine among the Top 10 Black Parenting Blogs. They were also placed on 11th rank in Top Parenting Magazines. They are committed to providing excellent service to their followers or readers. Their followers can access this newspaper for free online. However, it is not free to print. Robinson-Celeste pays for all of the publication personally. She devotes her full attention to transforming people’s lives. Follow @successfulblackparenting.

Successful Black Parenting aims to provide a caring, upbeat environment. In which children may attain achievement or develop good self-esteem. Women between the ages of 18 and 45 constitute most of their viewership. Even if you’re exhausted, they advise their followers to be engaged parents. Don’t rely on teachers to do all of the tasks of your kid. Ascertain that your child’s teacher is aware of your presence and has your correct contact details. Commit to keeping in touch with tutors daily via Facetiming or Chatting online. Carry on just like this through each year until your kid graduates from college. Successful Black Parenting also arranges webinar on “How Schools Can Partner with Parents for Success.” Their webinars taught administrators and teachers to get parents to participate in school events. Everyone goes back with new ideas to implement at their school. On November 5, 2021, the inaugural Black Parenting Conference was held. The conference was sponsored by Successful Black Parenting magazine. “Taking The Black Family From Surviving To Thriving” was the topic. Due to the epidemic, the meeting was held virtually. Follow Successful Black Parenting.

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