Suave Papi (@suavepapilui)

The living example of the idiom “never judge a book by its cover” is @suavepapilui. Luis, who was judged at every place, struggled hard and made himself a professional model, but instead of a supermodel, he aimed to become a role model. That’s why he is helping people and telling the world about his dark past and bright present. Guerrero has started his career with adult movies, but he was embarrassed about this carrier, so he never tells anyone about it. But he waits and struggles day and night to convert his shameful field into an eye-catching profession. Luis, who knows how to get engaged with his fans and find someone who can help them, has many social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. He always keeps in touch with his followers and fans with these accounts and gives them life lessons and motivation. Luis Guerrero, who has a lot of experience in just 31 years of age, is about this world and is setting the trend for newbies. The actual model does not follow the trend; they make the trend. Life is not suitable for everyone, but those who want to make independent trends and defeat the tough times should follow @suavepapilui for help, support, and motivation.

Luis Guerrero lived in the USA and became a model, a fashion hero, an entrepreneur, a producer, and a brand ambassador. He always did his job no matter how tough a profession he had. Everybody in the field struggled to put the term edgy into reality. Edgy is a term that refers to an appearance that deviates from traditional attractiveness standards. It is the Suave Papi, which sits on the edge of beauty and ugliness, familiarity and strangeness, drawing and repelling its audience simultaneously. If you want to learn how to attract people around you, follow @suavepapilui.

Luis, also known as Suave Papi, is fighting for those who never believed they could win because someone told them it was over before they started. Luis is a joyful, caring, energetic, loyal, hardworking, and optimistic person who wants to change this conventional world. Follow @suavepapilui, and be a part of his community changing the world. With the professional life and busy routine, Suave Papi also knows the importance of loyal people around him. A true friend is someone who sees your broken face and appreciates the things you did. Luis also has such loyal friends and family members in his life, with those he always loves to spend time with.

His dog seems to be the only creature who loves him more than he loves himself on this planet. Dogs are the best companions, and it’s only fair that people honor them for all of the happiness and excitement they’ve brought us. That’s why Suavepapilui celebrates his dog’s birthday, goes swimming with him, and spends every occasion and holiday with his lovely dog.

His dog has become so important in his life. We live in a world that is fractured and isolated. What is one item we have in our life on which we can rely? A dog who loves us entirely and faithfully every day. A dog who never judges you whenever he looks at you. Luis takes strength of fighting from his dog and his best friend in this cruel world. If you are a pet lover and want to know how a pet can change your instincts, then go and follow @suavepapilui.

Luis believes that life is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. He loves adventure and loves to explore the world. Luis posted while eating different cultures’ food, swimming overseas, boating, watching movies, and many more. Do not forget to follow Suave Papi to read the complete book of life.