Stevo Raff (official_stevoraff)

Stevo Raff (official_stevoraff)

Back in the old days, barbers carried around their tin or leather case with them from door to door to provide people with their crafts and services. The more trendy ones had a small shop with shelves containing the tools of their trade. Barbers had their apprentices and once an apprentice was good enough he started his own business. The cycle continued. The barbers of today are different. But it’s an open debate on which kind is more preferable. Some say the old-fashioned barber who went door to door was better, that those barbers were more social and friendly. They provided their services themselves in times of birth, marriage, and death. Yet others say that the new ones are better. Their shops are neat and they’re better and more expert at their craft. Despite this being an ongoing debate, it can’t be denied that new and modern barbers’ salons have their charm.

Combining the sincerity of old-fashioned barbering modern-day salon features was the idea that Stevo Raff had while laying the foundations of McGraff Barbering in West End, Glasgow. They describe themselves as a stylish, modern, and prestigious Barber Shop while also being welcoming, hospitable, and having the warmth of a personal barber. The uniqueness is what keeps the customers coming back for a second and third time.

The professionalism at McGraff’s Barbering is immaculate. They have an organized appointment system for their clients and have all their services listed clearly so people can choose from them. Upon this, their customer service is always active on their telephone and Instagram direct messages so people can enquire all their curiosity and questions. Their stellar reviews can be seen on their website and Instagram page. Everyone who pays a visit is left satisfied because of the flawless results and excellent service by the staff. The place is neat with an elegant and modern interior with state-of-the-art equipment and a well-mannered and well-trained staff that not only keeps the client’s needs in mind but also provides the best advice. Everyone who works at McGraff’s is a true expert, professional, and perfectionist. They maintained rules and regulations during Covid-19 and opened again once they were allowed. Their professionalism is unmatched. The results are visible on their Instagram page for everyone to see. Their work is neat and nothing short of perfect. They use the best available products in the market. From high-end to more reasonable ones, all the products they use on their client’s hair are listed and regularly updated. It is not unheard of for big salons to use subpar brands that give quick but short-term results just to garner some income. McGraff Barbering is a believer in honest trade and transparency.

Apart from being a successful businessman and barber, Stevo enjoys the company of his family and is an enthusiast of cars and traveling. His personal Instagram is filled with captured memories of his travels and his favorite cars. He seems the happiest posting about his little son. It’s always been his greatest desire to provide his son with the best possible life. As with every business during the pandemic era, McGraff’s also suffered from difficult times. But with perseverance and hard work, Stevo and his team were able to rely on each other and pull through.

Their plans include increasing the range of their services. Their current services include certain types of haircuts, buzzcuts, eyebrows, and hair dye. Their prices are also reasonable. They also plan on expanding the shop and to continue upgrading it. McGraff’s Barbering is an up-and-coming name in the city, but with the pace, it’s growing, it wouldn’t be a reach to say they could soon be turning into their brand.