Stevex Martinex (@sane_life_martinez)

Stevex Martinex (@sane_life_martinez)

Travelling accounts for some of the best, beautiful and most memorable part of anyone’s lives. It is the best way to break away from the busy, packed schedules of the daily lives and step into a new world to relax and get rid of the anxiety that might have had built up. It is greatly beneficial for one’s health – both mental and physical. It is almost as if that human beings have this inherent need to explore and experience the beauty of nature and learn about different geographies, people and languages all around the world. Travelling is a great way to expand one’s horizons and experience new ones.

Aside from how travelling affects one’s mental and physical health, travelling also enables the traveller with opportunities to experience new experiences that they otherwise would just never have had the chance to. These experiences include the opportunities to try out new cuisines with unique flavours, exploring new cultures, learning about their history, geography and lifestyles. Travelling has also proved to be extremely crucial for personal growth because, through it, travellers get to experience things outside of their comfort zone and also gain independence through it. It broadens anyone’s perspectives on life. Through travelling, one can also learn in a way that is just not possible online or through a book. Too many things just cannot be learnt by reading it but through experiencing them first-hand.

Something that ties with travelling in the current times is documentation and journaling. Currently, there are so many online blogs, pages, and journals that document a person’s experiences as they travel. These can include personal Instagram pages even! These blogs not only document their experiences but also give a chance to others to experience them – be it secondhandedly. Stevex Martinex is one such person. Through his Instagram page, he keeps his followers of almost thirty thousand updated with his travels and experiences through photos and captions.

Stevex photographs some of the most beautiful sights to see in the United States and beyond. In Las Vegas, he managed to see a beautiful water show which he also made sure to share with his followers so they could marvel at it with him. He also recently shared photos of some extraordinarily beautiful ceilings that can be considered art.

Other than extremely beautiful sights, Stevex also documents unique ones such as a collection of the world’s most famous monuments but sized down. On his Instagram page, he shared pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Stevex also is a huge fan of museums and has shared several photos of the museums he has been to and the sights he had observed in them. Stevex loves mountains, hiking and beautiful beaches. During his time in Hawaii, he got to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as beautiful waterfalls there which he made sure to share on his Instagram page.

Aside from all of the travelling he does, he also makes sure to have space for his pets on his Instagram page too. He recently posted about his new dog who is the most loyal and fierce according to Stevex. It just shows how big of a dog lover he is. Stevex also is a massive foodie who shares photos of delicious food that he has tried during his travels. Such food includes buttery garlic lemon pepper, some amazing tacos, and delicious-looking desserts that just make anyone want to have the same food right there and then. One can follow Stevex and keep up with him by following his Instagram page at the handle @sane_life_martinez.