Steve Wollett

Steve Wollett

In the creative world of filmmaking and storytelling, a director’s role probably rests at the top of the pyramid. In this case, with great power really does come great responsibility. Directors, be it for movies or television shows, are entrusted to set a comfortable pace for actors to follow to allow for a seamless display of emotion, writing, and story. With every hit movie and show, directors prove to be the backbone of a project which is only cemented by its success.

In a time where decades since they have started careers, directors like Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, David Yates, and Steven Spielberg continue to be household names, thresholds that all directors strive to pass. Another director who is striving to do the same, with his acclaimed pieces of directing and writing, is Steve Wollett. A man with 52 years of life under his belt, he has been contributing to the world of film and literature with his world-famous works of art. With an impressive 150+ works of television and film credited to him, Steve has surely made his mark in the industry.

Referred to multiple times as a “true renaissance man”, Steve is very well acquainted with exploring one’s creativity. In 2018, he debuted as a director with his film “Word From a Gamer” which greeted viewers at over 40 film festivals and became the recipient of over 20 awards! His noteworthy contributions include Social Distance (2020, also the recipient of awards), Dr Jekyll ad Mr Hyde (2017), Words (2020) and Wolf Attack (2015). He has also been working with a web series that has been running for over 6 years now.

It should come as no surprise at this point, that Steve’s creativity and hunger to push himself knows no bounds. Having acted in a children’s show way back in 1975, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Steve found his calling as a child. That passion manifested and allowed him to become a creative expert in multiple fields. Aside from being a producer/director, known for working on Identity Crisis (2011), Lady Peacock (2014), The Replacement (2012), and Hand of Glory (2012), the list of his achievements cannot seem to stop! USA, France, Germany, UK, India, and Russia are some of the places he has even rewarded at.

When he isn’t directing compositions of absolute artistic excellence, Steve is an author who wishes to tell “memorable” and “lasting” stories. Gods Assassin, Blasphemous Cocktails, Murder Me and Sunshine are among the 12 books he has published and won awards for. For someone with such an extensive list of achievements of all things creative, Steve has an eye for talent and creativity, something that oozes from him as if it comes naturally to him. Not only is he on the panel at 16 film festivals over the world, he has given way to others to pursue and share their talent as well by being a founding member of a film library in Jaipur, India, which is also one of the largest in the world.

Aside from being a creative genius, Steve has been a shining example of a good Samaritan and a brilliant human being in general. In his earlier years, he joined the US military to serve around the time of the Panama Invasion. He has worked as a paramedic, firefighter, Researcher for Cancer at Johns Hopkins, a radio technician in the US Army, and a volunteer worker at a Seniors Center in Maryland. He also ran for Sheriff in York County, Pennsylvania.

Alongside his wife, he founded The Health Concern in 1971, which is now the oldest health food store in the general Baltimore Area in Maryland. He is also a herbalist, because of which his store holds the largest herb selections in all of North America. Aside from this, he has his own trademarked business, Nerd Rage News, a shoe line called “the Steve Wollett Collection”, and his own video game!

To keep up with Steve and his creative journey, follow him on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (@Stevewollett).