Stephen Gebhardt

Stephen Gebhardt

Stephen Gebhardt is an established photographer from Arizona, which is one of the most popular states of the United States of America. Since early childhood, Gebhardt began to develop a great fervor for the art of captivating still moments from a beautiful scene in the form on photography. For Stephen, there’s an endless bliss in spending time with nature and seeking beauty and magnificence in places where no man pauses to wonder. He likes to convey his own feelings towards nature by capturing the most beautiful photographs and sharing them with his fans. According to Stephen, there is joy in persevering the beauty of nature in the form of photographs for a lifetime.

With Global Warming taking over our lives, it is important for photographers like Stephen to remind us what the green Earth looks like, and how gorgeously mystifying it is. His art evokes compassion in our hearts to work harder to save the planet. Stephen’s photographs have that wow factor to them as he takes splendid photography of Rivers and Fjords and Waterfalls that invokes a sense of love in the viewer’s heart with our Mother Earth.

The field of photography is evolving rapidly. There are new budding artists that surface every day to find space in the industry. Some of these artists are immensely talented, while others have ample resources to help their status alleviate. Amidst the competition, Stephen has been successful in making his brand recognizable in the online community. It is his zealous passion, hard work, and perfect work ethic that has carried him so far in his career.

Stephen made his Instagram account 7 years ago and shared his first photography post with the world in 2014. Ever since then, this dedicated individual has worked independently for years on various projects to hone his skills and keep his soul fed. What’s unique about Stephen’s photography is that he is extremely passionate about spending time close to nature. He clicks the most enticing and show-stopping photographs of the world around us. From the scenery landscapes to city skylines, Stephen has an eye for all of that. He has practiced his art in Nevada, California, Queens, etc.

Stephen is an ardent user of drones because he greatly enjoys taking aerial photographs, which is a harder field to attempt in photography. He has an excellent knowledge of good drones. Drones are one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century. While it does make taking aerial photographs easier, the set-up can be challenging. However, Stephen has mastered this art as he shares some of his aerial photographs on his Instagram. One of his projects included taking pictures of the Pahoa via drone, where Fissure 8 branches off into two rivers. The photos are definitely eye-catching as it takes time for the eyes of the viewers to grasp what the spectacle is about.

There is also absolutely no doubt that apart from photography, Stephen is also a big foodie. He likes to try and test food from different restaurants and have the time of his life. He also enjoys doing food photography, to evoke a sense of excitement in his audience and urges them to try out the places he dines in.

Stephen is a generous man. He likes to convey his knowledge to people who are genuinely interested in learning about him. Oftentimes, he has attended the workshops as a mentor to help people get a better understanding of which cameras to buy. He also offers his skills and helps people in learning the technicalities of photography. In these lessons, he also goes through the topics of camera history to have his mentees invest their interest in the said art.

Stephen’s fervour for photography is illustrated by his success. He has a brilliant sense of what needs to be captured and preserved. On social media. Stephen has already made a recognizable impact via his excellent feed. If you want to get inspired by his photographs and want to look him up, then his social media link is as follows: stephen.gebhardt