Staz Shift (@stazzity)

It’s not that we use technology. In fact, we live in technology. In art, technical accuracy goes side by side with artistic expression. Thanks to one of the famous multiverse designers, “Staz Shift,” who have these incompatible qualities to create game characters and creatures. Staz Shift influences more than 180k followers on Instagram with her breath-taking art and 3D avatars. Staz Shift (@stazzity) is an account owned by Anastasiya Gilevich. This girl is a Spain-based virtual reality artist. Have you ever heard about the concept of linking beauty, art, and life with technology? This is what you are going to see in this profile. Sounds great? Follow Staz Shift on Instagram.

Creating 3D/virtual characters requires precise anatomical knowledge with the intersection of fantasy. Artist creates the main protagonists with which players or influencers can associate themselves. This technology has taken place in businesses, movies, games, and others. A virtual avatar is a computer-generated person that exactly looks like you. Anastasiya lives in Spain and is famous for her virtual reality-based art characters. She has studied bachelor’s in designing, psychology, and fashion marketing but learned all software herself. This talented girl has been featured on Forbes as she posts all her 3D avatars on different platforms, including Foundation App, Binance NFT, etc. She also has a separate business page where people can get their customized avatar through online ordering ( It is a long process that takes time and patience. The artist works hard to place vertices at the right place to contour the model correctly. This young talented girl has made avatars for many celebrities. One of her famous sets of “powerful female avatars” was exhibited as NFT in Miami Art Basel Week. If you want to see her mind-blowing work, follow her on Staz Shift.

These days Instagram has become one of the most visual social media platforms having millions of influencers. Being an influencer is not easy; you always have to come up with something with whom your audience can relate. Anastasiya is an artist, trader, influencer, tech visionary, and a wonder woman all in one. She posts different stuff on her account to get maximum followers and reach. Her main target audience is people who love fashion, makeup, and skincare routines. She gives inspirational outfits ideas and posts her glowing skincare routine. If you are looking for an influencer account to know more about fashion updates, follow Staz Shift on Instagram.

Working hard for her dreams is not the only thing she does in her life; traveling, food, and self-care are other important things for her. Going spa, getting herself pampered and relaxed is one of the things that makes her satisfied and happy. Spa days are necessities for her, not luxuries. Additionally, she has not alone in achieving her dreams; her mother is always with her for her support. Irina Gilevich is said to be the pillar behind this beautiful, successful lady. She loves to travel with her mother. Bali, Paris, and Australia are her favorite places.

The best kind of therapy is beach therapy; that’s why she spends most of her time on beaches in Bali. She gets positive vibes and gets herself relaxed. By spending time with nature, her mind becomes fresh and grows. The secret of becoming the best person is to let yourself grow in open-air and feel nature. With nature, we also need good food for an exciting life. This gorgeous lady loves to try new food from different places as there is no sincere love than food. Her favorite is sushi; she gets some vibes when she has it. Are you dreaming of fresh air and outdoor views?? Follow Staz’s shift on Instagram and enjoy.