Spencer Boris (@vital_boris)

Spencer Boris (@vital_boris)

The advent of the internet has, without a sliver of doubt, changed the course of human interactions. Beyond just altering the way we source information from books after scouring the library and archives for hours on end – be it for assignments and schoolwork or for the appeasement of our curious nature – the online space has become not only the means through which we mostly communicate nowadays but has also resulted in a complete metamorphosis in the way we perceive each other.

Even then, we notice how the world wide web has transformed through the decades. Initially starting off as a way to expand the communicational routes between scientists and the military, the ethernet has surely seen a great repurposing in its usage. By integrating it within modern society, not only have we managed to model it into what it has become today but by doing so, reaped the benefits that come with such a world-view shifting invention. Being able to express our thoughts by repurposing the written medium from a mostly fictional or academic one to an online journal through blogs, the arrival of the internet is surely a technological wonder to behold.

Speaking about blogs and the internet, it’s a marvel even greater, how we have transformed even this medium into multifunctional wonder. From blogs on dedicated blog hosting sites such a Blogs.com or WordPress to the outstretching of this instrument into other platforms such as Vlogs on YouTube or visual blogs on Instagram, the art of hosting an online journal has certainly transformed enough to be considered a craft of its own.

Although blogging could be said to have been made as a respite from the offline world, offering those who indulge in it space to freely talk about their interests without feeling judged or scrutinized, most seem to still operate under the misconception that blogging is but a time-passing activity performed by those with nothing better to do in life. These naysayers find themselves conclusively silenced with the popularity of what could only be described as an art one can now master and even operate as a means to a monetary end.

This skill, like all others, is something one can only crack with the virtues of patience and commitment. From choosing the best platform which caters to your blog’s specificities to deciding upon an eye-catching name that succinctly describes your brand (because yes, blogging is a brand that is based upon your self-expression and identity) and using the right hashtags to help your niche reach the right people, blogging is more akin to an art than a mere passing hobby most people make it out to be.

Transfixed with the way blogging influences the online space, Spencer Boris is one such individual who has taken it upon himself to partake in this craft and hopes that, given time, he too can attain mastery over this medium. A beginner to the online journaling space, Spencer initiated his journey in March of 2021 on Instagram. Going by the username @vital_boris, Boris has already managed to attain more than a thousand followers and hopes that the trend upwards is only subject to further growth. Utilizing his page to its full potential, one will be quick to note that Spencer’s blog is rather homey.

From sharing pictures of his celebration on Christmas and getting a haircut at his buddy’s salon to showing off his love for his own family and counting his blessings by always remembering his Lord in everything he does, the domesticity of his blog seems to invite all those beholden into a warm embrace of normalcy – something that seems to scarce in resource during these dire times where everyone is succumbing to the effect of the Coronavirus; be it directly or indirectly. It comes as no surprise that so many people have taken a liking to his newcomer and we only wish his journey forward well.