Sophia Theurel (@five_star_homeless_girl)

Sophia Theurel (@five_star_homeless_girl)

This article introduces you to a young, dynamic, energetic, multi-talented, and multi-faceted person who is known as Sophia Theurel.

Sophia Theurel is a USA-based entrepreneur and enlightened adventurer. She is the CEO and Founder of Comkini which is an American online retailer of beachwear, a one-stop-shop for swimsuits and beach accessories. It offers a chic selection of swimsuits-from contemporary bikinis to stunning separates to oh-so-sexy one-pieces, all from the best names and the most fashion-forward designers.  The designs and materials used in comkini’s swimwear have evolved over the years, but making the wearer feel curvaceous and beautiful in every suit from Comkini is still the goal. Sophia remarks that Comkini is the expression of her dream. Undoubtedly she has been a very successful business person at a very young age. She has always been a hard worker lady. She avails herself of every opportunity and is never afraid of accepting challenges. The most fascinating thing about her is that she is the one who never gives up her dream and never regrets anything. Whenever she sets any goal to achieve, she leaves no stone unturned to accomplish it. Her eyes are always fixed on the sky. For her sky is not the limit but the first step. She has been very successful in her business, and has received a lot of recognition globally just because of her hard work, untiring efforts, firm determination, and commitment to her profession. She has also been blessed with a loving, caring, and supportive mother who keeps supporting, encouraging, and motivating her at every step of her life. That’s why she is always proud of her mother and loves her very much.  Besides, Sophia is true to herself and never pretends to be what she is not. She is smart, creative, confident, and comfortable in all aspects of her being. She always loves to be free and adventurous. She is the lady who unlike other businesspersons around her goes out and creates the life she wants to live. She keeps pushing life to its limits. She is a woman who is ultimately happy and secure in her own skin.

In addition to this, Sophia keeps traveling to different parts of the world. She loves going to beaches and likes skydiving, swimming, skiing, surfing, and etc. She goes deep into the ocean to explore its beauty, and with constant practice, she has learned to relax under water while holding her breath and taking in nature. Her senses capture more and more wonders every time.  Adventuring has made her bold and strong. Besides, she has always been an admirer of nature and finds her peace of mind when she goes to explore the undying and enchanting beauty of nature. Apart from it, she tries to stay positive and happy. She even abhors being with pessimists and does not lend her ear to the negative voices. In this regard, she believes that one must surround oneself with happy, warm, and genuine people. Although people get jealous of her worldwide popularity and talk against her, Sophia never minds because she always keeps herself open to criticism and keeps learning how to improve her skills. Furthermore, she does not give up hope and is focused on the happier aspects of life.  She is a cheerful lady who is always found enjoying the best moments of her life with her mother and friends. She truly has learned how to cherish and make every moment of her life memorable.

Despite being busy, she knows how to manage her professional, personal, and social life simultaneously. She remains active on a social media platform like Instagram where she keeps updating her fans about her adventures and attractive bikinis & swimwear. She has garnered 148K followers on Instagram and the number of her fans and followers is increasing day by day. More can be known about this fascinating person who is a born adventurer if she is followed on her Instagram account, the link to which is given below.