Social Cues (@socialcuesgroup)

Social Cues (@socialcuesgroup)

Finding a private venue for an occasion can be quite the task, especially if your needs and desires for the particular private event are detail and intricate. Many private venues are readily available. But you will have to compromise on quality, duration, types of services, and many other things. In moments like this, one wishes that there be a venue which one can get customized according to their own desire. But then cost becomes a big barrier. Keeping all these issues and requirements in mind, the foundation for Social Cues Group was laid.

Social Cues Group has the motto “Go Out  Be Social. Stay Private.” One should have the freedom of socializing with their loved ones, their friends, or business partners in a setting that is both refreshing yet also private, without the interference of outsiders. They describe themselves as a service that provides venues for your customized needs. According to their website, “…have you ever wished for a sports bar to have karaoke, for a pool hall to stream your favorite movie, for a restaurant to play your jam and for all the things you like to do to be in ONE place?”

When you think about it, all of us have dreamed or thought about wanting to spend time in venues that sound impossible to find. But Social Cues Group attempt to change that perspective. They have built several multipurpose venues for private hangout sessions where one can spend hours at a time with the people they want.

These venues have multiple functions in one, and they have a number of venues to choose from. They claim that whatever you are into, they can provide. They aim to provide excellent service and give their customers everything they need under one umbrella service.  Whether you are alone, or with friends, or with business partners. It doesn’t matter. They cater to every need and make your time so enjoyable that you don’t even feel the time pass you by. The best part about all of this is that there is no cover charge, no minimum spend, no hidden fees. The venues are completely private, all you have to do is choose a venue according to your personal style and make your booking. Leave the rest for Social Cues to handle. All amenities are included within your package and you can even bring your own food and drinks.

Some of the perks you may enjoy once you pick a venue include but are not limited to, unlimited billiards, darts and games, karaoke, photo booth, BYOB, custom ambiance, and complimentary WiFi. The booking system is completely digital and the payment is in advance and online. You just have to make a reservation according to availability in your area and show up with a four-digit code that is sent to your email address.

Their current venues include different themes like B.S.A, Vogue, Contemporary, and Surreal. B.S.A is a spot with a nice industrial touch. It contains artwork created by local artists, and the beautiful and vibrant colored theme paired with an exposed brick truly creates an industrial touch perfect for fun hangouts with friends. Their other themes are equally interesting and still in the works.

On their website, you can view a gallery containing photos of their venues. This can help you choose what kind of venue you want. Along with all the services they provide, they do have a few house rules that are compulsory to be followed. These include No smoking. No open flame or cooking. No confetti. Follow social distancing. Know capacity limit. Clean after yourself, and above all: Enjoy yourself. Social Cues is in full compliance with existing COVID protocols established in NYC. They encourage their guests to respect CDC guidelines on capacity, cleanliness, and disinfection.

In the future, they aim to open more venues and of multiple themes. They have been doing great and receiving stellar reviews. Don’t forget to pay them a visit if you’re ever in Brooklyn. You will never be disappointed.