Sneha Krishnani (@snehakrishnani)

Sneha Krishnani (@snehakrishnani)

In this age of information, standing out and making a name for yourself on social media is no easy task. However, this individual does it perfectly. Sneha Krishnani is an active user of Instagram under the username “snehakrishnani” and has an impressive following of almost forty thousand people. What makes her stand apart even more is that she is the CEO and founder of her own business by the name of Skéveur Image Consultancy. Skéveur’s main aim is to help people reach their full potential through guiding them on either improving their image as an individual or as a brand. Thus, not only is Sneha the best version of herself but she is also committed to helping other people reach that level too.

There is no question to Sneha’s high level of competence in her field. It has been reached after years and years of study and practice. She has a certification in image consultancy and an MBA in marketing. Outside of this, she also has gained valuable insight by working with popular and leading firms, such as Sony Pictures, Kimberley Clark and Acrysil Ltd. It is evident that Sneha is dedicated to her field and that she is also committed and ambitious enough to start her own business from scratch. Skéveur is her passion project and stems from her want to make a positive impact in the world and use her expertise to help people however she can.

Sneha strongly believes that human beings are in a constant state of change and only because of this, are they able to grow and become better versions of themselves. In this regard, Skéveur offers multiple services so people can grow, learn and be successful individuals. On an individual level, some examples of these services are personalized image makeovers, lifestyle consultation, leadership trainings and confidence building workshops. All of the services offered align with Sneha and her company’s main goal, which is for people to achieve their full potential and be successful in all areas of their life.

However, not only does Skéveur offer services to help you grow as individual but can also assist in building a strong brand image for your business. Sneha has years and years of experience in marketing and fully understands the importance of brand image and the effect it has on your potential customers. She is also well versed in design and how it can help in elevating your business to new levels. Services under this include image management, entrepreneur image building and corporate training. Finally, it should be noted that we live in a competitive world, where new businesses start every day. It’s hard to stand out, get loyal customers and make a sizeable profit. However, if you avail Skéveur’s services and with that Sneha’s expertise, not only will your business survive but it will flourish. This is a guarantee and it can be reflected in Sneha’s success and multiple accomplishments.

There is no doubt that Sneha is an immensely talented and motivated individual. Her mission to spread positivity in the world, through both her business and her Instagram account, is an exemplary feat. It’s not always that people are selfless enough to use their high level of skills and abilities to help others grow and become the best version of themselves. She actively posts on Instagram, encouraging her followers to be happy and live life to the fullest the way she does. Sneha is also an avid traveller and loves to immerse herself in different cultures and ways of life. This just goes to show how open-minded she is and how she loves to be in a constant state of learning as for her, that’s the only way you can live and be the best. If there is one thing we can learn from Sneha, it is that in order to be successful you have to be both kind to yourself and to others because “kindness is timeless.”