Six N. Five Objects (@sixnfive.objects)

Six N. Five Objects (@sixnfive.objects)

You know when you see something phenomenal on-screen, it just stays in your mind forever. A film that is made with extreme passion and dedication mostly ends up speaking for itself. Producing a film isn’t as easy as it may sound. The process that a film has to undergo before getting finalized is extensive. It is a complicated process, and there is a whole team that devotes their sweat to its creation. The most significant person involved in the whole process is none other than a director whose job is to direct the creative aspects of the production. To get started with making a film, one must know who their audience is. Every little detail ranging from camera angle to the lighting affects the portrayal of the film on the screen to a great extent. A successful film is one where everything is balanced and can serve its purpose.

Six N. Five is one such creator of Images and Films that has been there since 2014. Six N. Five was established in Barcelona, the place where it started gaining popularity and recognition at. Today, this company has grown massive and is attracting many renowned companies to get their films and pictures done.

Microsoft, a company so successful got a short film made by Six N. Five recently. It was indeed a challenge to showcase five different fonts that are part of the Microsoft365. The task assigned involved coming up with an artistic video tied to a Poem. After working tirelessly on this short film, the results achieved got appreciated by everyone. Another out of the many exciting projects that were given to Six N. Five was that of the beautiful Kitsu Bath collection by the very famous Brizo Kitchen & Bath. They were assigned to create video loops featuring the products. The outcome was very alluring to the point one would be convinced to buy the products from Brizo Kitchen & Bath.

As Six N. Five started getting the appreciation they deserved, they also came up with another venture under the name Six N. Five Objects. This project focuses on interior design. It creates comfortable yet classy products for your living place, making it appear even more pleasant. It also explores the objects digitally while producing the physical ones. The design idea rotates around the subject of minimalism since it comes to be more attractive and eye-catching. It is distinguished from other designs due to the unique ideas that are involved, such as the concept of a banana chair in the creation of it.

Six N. Five Objects also collaborates with other designers to produce the objects and has also participated in a few contests where they have built trophies in a unique style.

Furthermore, this company also has a fully established website by the name which displays their best work on the front page. It specifically displays the best-commissioned work and the most liked collaborative projects that have been made by their studio. Another interesting feature on the website is that of Shop. Anyone wanting to redefine their living space can shop from the website as per their desire.

This studio is known for being a multidisciplinary design studio, a result of hard-earned work by its founder, Ezequiel Pini, the guy who has specialized in the field of still-life visuals, videos, and objects that have a modern and aesthetic touch to them. The commissioned projects they get are too many at a time but they do take out time to experiment with still images and videos to explore their capabilities.

Today, the Six N. Five studio has hit 279k followers on its Instagram page alone. Pini is an example of a person who made it big after working super hard to be in the place where he is now. He is an inspiration to those who want to be as successful as him.