Simone Roundtree Harris (@investhersimome)

Simone Roundtree Harris (@investhersimome)

In today’s finance dominated world with people trying each day to improve their financial standing, Simone Roundtree Harris is providing that support. Simone is the jack of all trades when it comes to the world of finance and capital management. She is a Business Credit Expert along with being a real-estate investor. Her primary work lies in the tricky industry of equity finance and tax services. Simone is at the top of her game being an expert advisor to her clients in the areas of taxes, maintaining credit score on credit cards and preparing strategies for her clients to stay out of debt.

These kinds of services that are now becoming popular and much more in need each day, also come with hints of suspicion. The clients look for people who are well-read on these topics, are up-to-date on present-day trends and above all are reliable and trustworthy. Simone checks all of these qualities as she has been an on field and active practitioner in this industry. She is the co-founder of Equity Finance and Tax Services which provides the best route for navigating through tough financial decisions that include: debt collection, dealing with debt collectors and agencies while providing no-risk refund policy and no-hassle cancellation policy. Her company provides free consultation to their new clients at first and offers quick and pocket friendly services in different plans.

As mentioned earlier, Simone is a woman who has test the waters of the competitive finance industry and has also gotten notable experience as a real estate investor. This allows her to not only improve the financial standing of her clients by providing them with relevant and the best financial advise but also improve their standing to a point where they can have their own houses. Starting from getting home approvals and investing in the on-market properties, Simone is an all-rounder in the world of numbers and equally educated on the laws in regards to these aspects of the finance industry.

Simone Roundtree Harris is also an author. She uses her writing abilities to guide and spread knowledge to help the young people who aim to become financially independent. She has penned a book called ‘Build Wealth with Airbnb: The Millennial Blueprint to Build Wealth in Real Estate’. The book carries the essence of assistance when it comes to the youth who wishes to succeed in the renowned Airbnb business and are looking to find lucrative results without putting in a hefty amount from their own pockets. Simone’s book is widely available with a guide and a blueprint to actually benefit from in real life.

Speaking of young adults, who are working exceptionally hard in the cut-throat job market trying to establish themselves financially. Simone uses her knowledge and expertise to help such young people who are trying to be successful in their practical lives. She assists, advises and comes up with financial plans that are fit to set them on the path of financial freedom. Along with this, she also makes her services available to young entrepreneurs hustling to make their mark in the commercial market.

This all originates from her ability to lead. With leadership skills, Simone has proved that she can work in different sections of this industry. She can take up any task whether it is customer service that developed into her own client services business or inventory management that has made her exceptionally proficient with numbers. Simone carries the spirit of an all-inclusive worker making her the best fit in this fast-paced and ever challenging industry.

She also happens to be the youngest participant given the opportunity to enter the “Access to Capital” for the Entrepreneur Program. Being a part of this program, Simone also takes up the responsibility of developing and enlightening young students about the advanced world of credit and taxes by giving them the significant tools of financial literacy from an early age. Hence, Simone Roundtree Harris is the prime example of how one can form an ideal income source but also indulge in community service and support.