Shekeda Holland (@Iamshekeda_)

Shekeda Holland (@Iamshekeda_)

Shekeda Holland is a devout Christian author, entrepreneur, and podcaster who believes in the word of god and helps spread his message through her work. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Holland has dedicated her life to spreading the word of god through her extremely diverse skillset which includes writing, working out, reading, and spending quality time with her two children.

Holland also firmly believes in women’s empowerment and strives to achieve that through her diverse range of work. Due to her unadulterated belief in Christ and her position as a woman of this world, she works towards empowering women and helping them heal from the pain and suffering that they encounter in their lives through her work. Her favourite authors to read are Joyce Meyer and Sarah Roberts whom she seeks inspiration from which reflects in her deeply personal books and podcast.

Another belief that is crucial to understanding Holland’s work is that she firmly believes that everyone born in this world has a talent given to them by Christ that they should work on executing it with joy. Through the power of god and her work, she aims to work towards helping her readers and listeners realize their gifts and work towards discovering and nurturing them for them to gain the maximum potential out of it.

Holland has worked on several books including the titles, ‘Renew Your Mind Challenge: 21 Days with Scripture, Affirmations, and Journal Prompts’ and ‘7 Power Habits of an Unapologetic Christian Woman Single or Dating’. In the first book, Holland structures her book in a way that she designs a challenge for the believer who is working towards further inclusion of Christ’s message in their lives. She specifically designs this challenge to awaken faith within her readers which will help them with the worries that they deal with in their everyday lives. She achieves this through including scriptures, affirmations, journal prompts challenge tracker, days of reflection, and questions that prompt the reactions of sincere reflection of life in her book. For all 21 days that the book covers, no two days are the same.

For her next book. Holland focuses on the idea of dating as a woman with relation to Christ. She writes with a belief that every woman has the potential within her to change society but due to society, they are pushed towards the back. Holland explores the idea of what it is like for a woman to live her life apologetically. Holland writes about trying to break free of this state of apology and introduces the seven habits through which women can be guided outside of external control and intimidation through the message of Christ.

In extension to her message of living life unapologetically, Holland has been working on a podcast with the title ‘Living Unapologetically’ where she talks about living fearlessly with the gifts and talents Christ has awarded everyone. Holland expands on the ideas of living life authentically through discussions about faith, dating, fitness, and everything in between. Holland’s podcast is for everyone who is looking to be awaken something in them to build the life they have always dreamed of.

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